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May 20, 2011

"New" Living Room Chair

I took a break from all the textile art (necklace, abstracts, and pretty yellow flowers) to re-arrange some furniture, with smile inducing results.  It can be so tricky to decorate our small townhouse because sometimes I have to work with what we have and work with limited funds. 

I've mentioned the need to find a work surface for Hubby - something small, for casual use.  After lots of hmmm-ing and haw-ing, we decided not to find a unit to serve as guest storage and his desk.  We decided it makes the most sense for me to just share the office, instead of relegating him to the guest room.  With a location determined, we thought about getting a vintage teak unit, like the one pictured below, to replace my expedit and serve as his work surface. 

Too expensive!

But the unit in question is $1400+ and doesn't meet all of our storage needs (one day I will show you what is behind the white door).  Plus, it seemed like just too much furniture for the office.  Then I had the genius plan of moving the office chair downstairs into the living room (not sure what I will do with the two chairs - from Loblaws grocery store - that used to live there) and finding a narrow console table/desk for the now empty office corner.  Although the office space is still empty, here is the chair in the living room.  I am loving it there!  Remember, the room will have new throw pillows soon.

Living room with old chairs:

I like my little grocery store chairs because they are comfy (and cheap!),
but they just looked so blah . . .

Living room with my office chair:

The whole L-shaped living/dining area seems much larger now

Finally - a good shot of the fabric!

The empty office space.  See pics of it before I dismantled it here.

Kind of what we're looking for - even narrower would work.  We just want something that isn't a huge executive desk.  I have already posted a "want ad" on the local online classifieds and am starting yard saling soon, so I'm hoping to find something perfect, for a bargain!

West Elm


  1. You're right...that chair looks great in your living room. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find the perfect desk for hubby soon.

  2. Oh, I like the new change a lot. It feels roomy and airy, yet comfy.

    Don't you love it when you can add something to a room from something that you already own?

  3. Thanks Starlet! It felt really, really good to make a huge change to the livingroom for FREE! I might even make some money if I sell the old chairs. And if we can find a desk on the cheap, I will be pleased as punch!

  4. Love it-it also breaks up the "newness" of the other pieces in there!

    Hey, is that painting in the dining room your work? I love it! Tell me about it!

  5. Aww, thanks for thinking that I made the painting in the dining room! If you search "Bert Weir" using the google search feature on my blog, you will see the post about the real artist: my Hubby's grandpa. If you check out my "DIY Projects" page (just under my header) you will see which paintings I did do. The painting in the office (pictured in this post), not included on my DIY page, is also by me. But, alas, I am not wicked enough to produce paintings like the dining room or living room.

    And thanks for the vote of confidence in my furniture placement. I am becoming a fan of mixing new with old (like our mid-century dining table with soft on the tushy new chairs) - but it happened by necessity at first.

  6. I love that cofee table/ottoman. Where did you get it?

  7. Hi Carmie: I bought it from The Brick in 2007. Their clearance centres might still have some. But I honestly don't recommend it for the quality. The concept, I love. So practical and comfortable. I'm planning a post soon about some similar versions so check back.


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