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May 3, 2011

Orange + Green

= Spring! (Well, spring inspired).

I'm really loving the combination of a bright spring green with a citrus-y orange.  Check out the fabulous wallpaper in the second photo! 

Do you find you prefer different colour palettes depending on the season?  You know me & my penchant for warmer weather.  I think I'm always looking for ways to make the townhouse look cheerier and sunnier and colour plays a major role in that mission.  Last month the grown-up pastels I admired hinted at spring and I've already had my eye on this great shade of leaf-y green.  But now I'm seeing that a hit of bright orange is a dreamy addition and really warms up a space.  But I think I have to try to choose shades as bold as those in my inspiration folder . . .   

Apartment Therapy

Via Desire to Inspire



  1. I'm absolutely smitten with orange, red and bright chartreuse or lime green.

  2. orange and red can never go wrong with spring green...awesome collation :_)

  3. Huh. I don't know if my color preference is seasonal or not?? I like red. ALWAYS.

  4. I didn't used to like orange much - it reminded me of the 60's. But now it's fresh, especially w/green, like you've said. Also with turquoise, too!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. I would put orange everywhere if I could. Seasons don't matter to me. I want it to feel like summer all the time. award for you...from me...


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