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May 16, 2011

Stylish Houston Office

I am back in Canada, safe and sound.  Yay (except it is raining and cold, of course).  I still want to share a couple more nifty things I found/saw/bought in Houston, then I promise to blog about a few DIY projects I'm putting the finishing touches on. 

This post is about an actual workplace office, not a home office, that has some serious style. Wandering around downtown Houston last week, we stumbled across the Houston Pavillions, which, although kind of deserted, is home to the inspiring office space of NRG. Peering through the windows, we thought the space was some kind of hotel lounge or something and had no idea what NRG meant. Later, reading a Downtown Houston magazine, I realized NRG Energy is an independent power producer.  Silly Canadian: N. R. G.  Energy.  Get it?  I sure didn't.  If you're curious, you can read more here, but I just want to ogle the office space.

So bold.


  1. whoa that first one is totally flashback to the 60s
    very neat

  2. Very cool space! I would have loved working in a place that looked like that. Unfortunately, teachers' lounges tend to be decorated with someone's leftover garage sale items and a few random cafeteria tables. :)

  3. The top picture is perfectly 60s! Plus that colour yellow is coming back into fashion this season, great!

    Looking forward to see the pics of your current DIY projects.

    Niki @

  4. That is some nice office furniture! I'm with Dana, my work office is dull, and consists of grey - so sad!

    Thanks for sharing : )

  5. Eeee, the fabric on that armless sofa!!! What is it? I just saw it on some Milo Baughman chrome chairs. It's the next big thing! Let's figure out what it is and blog about it so we will be cutting edge!

  6. Not sure what the fabric is, but it sure is fabulous, isn't it? Oooo, the prospect of being cutting edge is enticing, but I think I am way too dopey for that! I'm still excited about things that are totally old news.


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