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June 29, 2011

Design*Sponge Feature

I am so excited!  Design*Sponge has featured my DIY Felted Wool Billy Buttons!  Click here to see the post.

This is truly an honor because I have been a longtime reader of Design*Sponge.

A huge "hello" to anyone who found their way here via the feature.  I hope you enjoy my bit of blog and I'd love to hear from you.  Check out my DIY Projects page for more projects I've done (I have more in the works) and my House Tour page for a peak around the townhouse.

To answer a couple Q's asked of me already:
  1. The lamp in the photo is a vintage Lotte lamp with a new creamy-white shade (the original shade was lost).  The sellers knew antiques but not mid-century, so this lamp (one of three purchased) was a steal.  As in, my mom bought it for a good price and I stole it.  But you could legitimately buy one here.
  2. This project doesn't require much wool.  I had a yellow roving, balled up, that was the size of a large grapefruit and after making my billy buttons and a wool bead necklace, I still had some left over.  The wool will shrink, about 50% from a puffy ball to a dense and felted ball.
For my blog readers, you might have noticed my Billy Buttons were "staged" (gasp!) for Design*Sponge.  To anyone new, I make my blog photos as real as possible.  Although sometimes I run the swiffer around or shove the laundry in the basement, if you popped in on me randomly you'd find the house looking pretty much like it does on my house tour.  But to better showcase my Billy Buttons, I set up a little faux vignette and I love how it turned out.

Want to see some behind the scenes fun?

This is where the Billy Buttons normally live:



  1. i love this project!!! and congrats on the feature... that's very exciting!

  2. Yay! You're really getting a lot of well-deserved attention lately. I'm so happy for you!

  3. Loved it..really! I'm off to check out the feature...Congrats to you!
    PS: Thanks for your sweet comments on my following you too now.

  4. I love this project...i have been thinking about hand making some billy balls for a while as the colour does fade once they dry - now you've helped me take the guesswork out of making them, so thank you! am wondering if you would mind if i featured this as a how to on my (very small) blog - i'd just post a photo and description and then direct people straight to your site? no pressure i just think you've done them beautifully!

  5. Oooh! I'm doing that thing where I get overly excited for other [super-splendid] folks gaining [richly deserved] success! I'm overdosing on exclamation points!

    Congrats and let me say that you may also have a heck of a styling future:)

  6. Hi Pascale: I answered this on your blog, too - sure! Grab some photos and post away. I'd be honoured. And send me photos of your billy balls if you get around to making them because I'd love to post them on my blog.

    Hi cart-wheels gal: You're so kind!! I'm so thrilled to have met such cool and supportive blog friends.

  7. Definitely going to try this. Thanks!
    Meanwhile, I clicked on the "wool bead necklace" link and only saw lamps. Help!

  8. Oops - accidentally linked to the Lotte lamp website. I have fixed the link so it will direct you to the post about the felted wool necklace. Thanks a bundle for pointing that out!

  9. Got it. Again, thanks. Great ideas here!

  10. Hey! Tanya Came blog hopping , those billy buttons are really nice, and so good they have featured on HGTV! The blog looks nice and lovely , with very bright ideas ,...While I say congratulations to.. You Let me go and explore the rest of the blog...

  11. I created a post with some troubleshooting tips, here it is:

  12. You certainly deserve to be featured.. the pictures on your blog are stunning!! The DIYs inspirational!!

  13. Way to go lady! So glad to see you featured on D*S. Such an honor! I love billy balls, so of course my heart melted when I saw this tutorial. They are so perfect and cheery. I'll have to try it soon!


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