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June 6, 2011

DIY Text Painting

Here is a detailed how-to for the text painting I made last week for the guest half bathroom.  I used parchment paper to transfer my text and desired font onto my canvas, which is a neat little trick!

Easy DIY Art

How to Make DIY Text Art:

I taped off the first colour blocked section.  I painted it a pale blue/turquoise, using a large paintbrush and acrylic paint.  

How to colour block
Don't mind the dim lighting in my "studio" a.k.a. messiest basement ever.
I waited three hours for the paint to dry, then taped off another section and painted it.  I waited for three hours and finally painted the final cream block of colour.  For all three colours I used a dry paintbrush and brushed away from the tape to help avoid bleeding.

Then I had a colour blocked painting:

Colour blocked canvas

While I waited for the paint to dry (as tempting as it was to watch), I worked on the letters.  I printed out the letters I wanted on my computer, using a large font, and taped them together with spacing that looked "right".

Transfering text to a canvas

I laid parchment paper over the word and carefully traced the perimeter of the letters.  You can also purchase artist's tracing paper, but parchment paper was convenient and I found it worked just as well.  And thanks to Costco, I have oodles of it.

How to trace something
Alternatives to tracing paper

Then I flipped the parchment paper over and followed the outline of the tracing I had done.  I placed paper under the parchment paper because the graphite transferred.

How to transfer a design or letters using parchment paper

I flipped the parchment again and followed traced the letters with my pencil again.  The tracing I did on the back side deposited graphite on the canvas.  Neat trick, right?

How do you use tracing paper
Yup, that is a Dora the Explorer pencil.
DIY text painting

I filled in the lines using a very small, angled paintbrush.  I prefer this method because it created a hand drawn look (but much neater than my hands could do unassisted) and not a stenciled look.  But this project would work with letter stencils too.

Easy hand lettered art idea
Half-way done.  More paint needed to make the letters opaque.
Easy art you can make with kids

Here is my colour inspiration: an ad I filed away just because the colour combo was so inspiring. 

My inspiration.
Bathroom with quirky art
Grey white and mint bathroom // Marble counters


  1. This is such an amazing idea :) Thank you for sharing.I love the way it looks in the bathroom :)

  2. Oh Tanya...this is just so clever cookie! Good Skills turned our perfect! x

  3. I love it. It's cute. And kinda funny :p

  4. What a great idea! It looks perfect in your bathroom.

  5. Art and type are always a good combo! Nice!

  6. Very clever and creative. I love the scale of the painting in the bathroom. It fills up the space wonderfully!

  7. This is so amazing! Love the tongue in cheek word - not sure of that is what you meant! Fabulous!

  8. WORD!!!!

    Thanks for the tip on painting away from the tape to avoid bleeding. Will def do that!

  9. That looks great Tanya! Just the inspiration I needed to get started on some DIY around here.

  10. You are so creative... Another beautiful work...

  11. Inspiring! Really neat. Makes me want to put my own spin on it.

  12. Very Very cute! i love the color combo! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love this. found you at Kelly's and so glad I did. :)

  14. I found you at Kelly's and I'm so very much in love with this painting!



    Oh, and I've pinned it too!

  15. Yay! I finally know how I'm going to do the EAT in my kitchen - it's been bugging me but the pencil transfer idea is brilliant.


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