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June 16, 2011

I'm Seeing Stripes

Before Hubby & I hung up my collection of silhouettes and my DIY'd magnetic board, I considered painting the nook in bold stripes.  I'm glad I didn't.  I love the all-white walls-trim-doors thing we have going on, plus I think it would have been way to busy.  But I still think about striped walls.  Now that the garage has been fixed up, I'm setting my sights on our uninhabitable basement . . . and I'm envisioning stripes down there.  (I can't do all white down there because the carpet is beige and I think stark white will make it look dirty). 

Photo Via Southern Exposure

Photo Via Southern Exposure

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The Tile Shop: Design by Kristy

Via Decor Pad


  1. I love the gradual green stripes in the third picture.Such a cool idea :)

  2. It is pretty, isn't it? And so easy to achieve - just keep adding more white to a color of your choosing. Plus that look is so hot right now.

  3. The vertical yellow ones would make me feel like a caged bird :p But I do like the green ones!

  4. Hmmm. Maybe I will have to consider the ombre style stripes seeing as they are such a hit!

  5. Love the stripes! They are so chic and so dramatic! Thanks for the inspiration!
    xo E + J


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