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June 24, 2011

Me? Awww Shucks.

Thanks to Barbara from Hodge Podge for passing on a Versatile Blogger Award to me.  I am honored because Barbara, and her blog, are amazing.  Her DIY projects are so fantastic you won't even believe they are DIY. 

As per the rules, I have to share 7 tidbits about myself.  On the heels of my Kreativ Blogger and Stylish Blogger awards you might not want to know anything else about me, but here goes:

I use cans and cans of hairspray to control my fine hair and this grooming habit necessitates a simple, clean bathroom that is easy to clean.
    Not a lot of accessories here for a reason.
Sometimes I am consumed with envy.
    Sigh.  Jen Ramos' Kitchen
    Via Apartment Therapy
I love travelling, even to unexciting places.
    Not suggesting Kentucky wasn't exciting . . .
I drive a manual transmission vehicle.  Always have.  Always will.  And I'm weirdly snobby about this.
A messy house makes me edgy and irritable.


I'm not that big on birthdays.


I miss the Gilmore Girls.


Now, to pass on the fun.  The bloggers behind these blogs are truly versatile and it is a pleasure dropping by their little piece of the blogosphere because they make me laugh, or think, or smile, or relax.



  1. YAY!! Thanks for the love <3 I miss Gilmore Girls too :(

  2. Oh wow! I'm so honored! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

    Also - I adoooore manual transmission vehicles! It's the feelin' :x nothing can beat shifting gears with ya' own hand, really!

    Also a warm (or chillin, depends on the present climate temperature, whatever makes your skirt fly!) hug to my fellow nominated bloggers! :*

  3. Love the post! I miss the Gilmore Girls too, what a great show! Have a wonderful weekend Tanya!

  4. Congratulations! You put so much of yourself into your blog. The awards are well-deserved.

  5. hey thats great..congratulations...oops this reminds me about the blogger award u passed on to me...i should do the post asap!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Tanya!
    Thanks some much for the blog love!! It made my day! M.

  7. I am so in love with The Alternative Wife. I am very guilty of wanting to crawl into her skin and assume her identity.

  8. Happy Dance!! Wooohooo! Thanks for the shout-out Tanya! Very much made my day. P.S - perhaps I could hire you to 'unclutter' my bathroom so it looks as neat as yours?? :)

  9. Congratulations you MS. Versatile blogger!
    I LOVEEEEEEEE Gilmore Girls and I miss them so much and I keep watching the re-runs whenever they show it!

  10. Oh ya, of course you can use the pipe pic. Can't wait to see the after basement

  11. Thanks Starlet!

    Meghan: my trick is to shove everything in drawers and I use my linen closet for any spairs/extras/limited use/seasonal extras. Basically, I cheat.

  12. I completely agree with a scary number of these! I get excited about traveling to odd places, I hate a mess (by hate, I mean do not let them happen around me!), I envy so many other houses/apartments and I learned how to drive using a stick! They are so much more fun.


  13. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I too love simple, easy to clean spaces. And I totally miss the Gilmore Girls. I'm so happy they are still in reruns now and then. :)

  14. CosmoTV has Gilmore Girls on every weekday at 1:00pm. Ahhh, the joys of working from home! And they show them in chronological order, too. But it isn't the same - I know how it ends . . .

  15. My bad manners know no bounds...I can't believe I missed this post. I am, currently, curtseying to an invisible audience in a fancy dress in response.

    Gilmore Girls woo-hoo!

    Thanks Tanya!


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