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June 22, 2011

To Expedit, With Love (Part I)

UPDATE: Check out my Expedit Hack here and take a look at my second round-up, this time of Expedit Hacks, right here.

I love our expedit bookcase.  So much so that I quickly abandoned the idea of replacing it, even with an amazing, vintage teak modular unit, when we were considering options for Hubby's desk.  I have actually owned four expedit bookcases!  Two were left at my parents' when I moved out because they fit the awkward space under the slanted roof on the top floor perfectly.  The fourth resides in our basement.  I love that the expedit never warps and makes organizing books by theme, or by colour, a cinch - plus the little cubbies are great for adding decorative items.   

With ideas for Hubby's desk still in the works, but a replacement for the expedit definitely off the table, I thought I'd pay tribute with a post dedicated to some nicely curated expedits. 

Do you have an expedit bookcase you'd love to show off?  Send me an email with a photo of your expedit, plus your styling tips, ( because I'd love to feature it on my next "To Expedit, With Love" (yes, there will be Part II.  I am like a lovestruck teen here.) 

The Decorologist
Apartment Therapy
Ten June

Design Manifest
Cameron MacNeil
Such a cool idea, right?
Alanna Cavanagh
The madness!
Poppy Kat
And mine (which really pales in comparison to the awesome ones above.  I think some rearranging is in order!):



  1. Who knew cubbies could be so fun?!

  2. Wow, using two as a dividing wall is awesome. I have always wanted to get one, but we have nowhere to put it in our current home. Someday though. :)

  3. Jenn and Joe have a dark Expedit like yours, with some of the red boxes and white door inserts. They're using it to divide the sleeping area from the living area of their temporary space. Holden and I use the open cubbies for playing peek-a-boo. :)

    Do you have room for the small Expedit unit with the attached desk for the hubs so he can have his own cubbies...or is that too much of a good thing?

  4. I do think that might be too much of a good thing! At that point, I should have been buying them in bulk. Lol. Plus, I do share my cubbies. The basement expedit, especially! :)

  5. The organized part of me LOVES these shelves!! Especially with the red wall ;-)

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  6. These bookcases are the most versatile thing really. I love the Design Manifest version as well as Cameron McNeil's clever solution. Glad to have stumbled across your blog!!!

  7. Expedit Love! I guess I've been living in the dark ages because I had no idea what an Expedit was. These will definitely go into the planning stages of our new home. They would look great as built-ins but way more affordable. Are the cubbies large enough for record albums? Thanks so much for the great idea.

  8. haha! It's so generous of you to share the basement ones.

  9. Midcentury Madam: the inside of each cubby is about 13" (or 33 cm). And the expedit comes in different sizes (in terms of overall height and width) too.

    Dana: I am nothing if not generous. Lol.

  10. How many interesting ideas! Thank you!


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