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June 19, 2011

Treasure Hunting Report

Fondly referred to as "Treasure Hunting" by one of my friends, hitting yard sales on a warm summer day thrills me.  The last few weeks of treasure hunting, including a couple estate sales, yielded modest results.  I'm trying not to fill our house with things we don't need, but it is hard - especially when yard sale finds are so inexpensive! 

I found a great mid-century chair (solid oak and teak) for $25 this weekend, but walked away.  We already have two random teak chairs (guest room & living room) and have no need for a third.  A pair I would have taken home, I'm not going to lie.  But what we need is a chair Hubby can use for his (currently imaginary) desk.  So I'm holding out for something perfect. 

While I may exercise restraint for larger items, the smalls get me every time.  Here are two of my recent favorite finds, plus an oddity I couldn't resist.

I found this gorgeous, spike-y glass vase for $4.00 at an estate sale last week.

I need another vase like a hole in the head.
I also found another McCoy Planter (the smaller white one), to add to my growing collection, for only $1 at a yard sale last weekend.

White McCoy Planter

Yesterday (among other finds) I picked up this cute little trivet, thinking some spray paint would spruce it up.  Then I saw it is stamped "Finland".  Now I hate to paint over it, but it has seen better days . . . thoughts?

Do you go treasure hunting?  What great finds have you taken home recently?


  1. I swear by Howard's Feed N Wax to restore wood. If it's teak, then plain teak oil will probably make it look like new. I love the spikey vase, and the little McCoy piece is sweet. Your collection is growing!

  2. Such a pretty vase! And the planter.. I'm a sucker for anything white and ceramic:)

  3. Thanks for the tip, Dana. I will be sure to track down that wax because I have some other wood pieces in need of some lovin'.

  4. Love the planter! I know what you mean about walking away. I found a fabulous sideboard on Craigslist for $60. I don't need it but thought it would be fabulous painted and re-sold. But I don't have the time and it would of stressed me out - but still sad to walk away!

  5. Barbara, I'm glad other DIY fanatics have the same troubles as me. I thought about buying and re-selling the chair (a similar one is on sale in a vintage shop for $595) but I'm just not cut out for that.

  6. Love that vase. Kind of hard rock meets IKEA.

  7. That vase is fluid polka tall is it?(she asked sweetly)

  8. It is too little. You won't like it. Lol.

  9. yaaaay! the lil pots collection is growing! :x

  10. just found your blog, didnt thing there were as many people out there as mentally disturbed about pottery as I. Love the spiked glass vase, selling most of my mccoy, my daughter has become an artist and am making room for her pieces, but I am keeping some of the rarer pieces, but you have some GREAT pieces yourself.


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