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July 13, 2011

Hatching a Plan

Hubby and I spent a whirlwind day looking at chairs for his yet-to-be-built desk because I though a chair should be found first, so we know what height to build the desk.  I was on a roll and made a whole bunch of other design decisions.  Here are the bits & pieces:

The Desk:
We plan to copy this, painting the welded legs black and staining the wood surface a creamy white with some grain peaking through.  You might remember this desk from this post - yup, we made a decision.

Martha Stewart May 2010

The Chair:
A reproduction of the Eames/Saarinen Organic Chair.  A local store sells a version made in Montreal.  It comes in a variety of colours, but I think we have settled on black with walnut legs.  Hubby found it to be comfy.  I love that it is versatile and can be used in different rooms in the future.

I love the look of a brightly coloured chair, but I can't help but think black will withstand the wear and tear better . . . .

Love this look.

The Artwork:
Sometimes I attack a canvas with paint and hope for the best.  Other times I make a sketch or paint a miniature.  Here is a mini trial run of the giant painting I have planned for over the desk.

Picture it bigger . . .

The Lamps:
I have a few vintage Lotte lamps and it is time for a crisp, new pair.  Still handmade, these take up to two months after ordering to receive, so it might be awhile before I blog about these babies again.  I am considering a taller style, in crisp white.  Click here for the catalog.


via Tidy Owl


  1. Good choices!!!!!!! Its going to look amazing!

  2. lovely!!! love the last lamp :)

  3. Have you talked to Victor Aume about lead time? Joe talked with him in February and found out he was going to have knee surgery or something. He told Joe it would put him behind in filling his orders. Joe placed an order at the time, and we still haven't received anything. :( It's time for us to contact him again, because our order may have just been misplaced.

    Now that I've been such a downer, I will say that I love your choice. Those lamps are so beautiful!

  4. Fabulous choices. Your painting looks very nice. Love the lamps too.

  5. Dana, I haven't heard about delays from the local store that carries them. But I still have a bit of money-saving to do before I place my order anyway.

  6. Love the whole look, can't wait to see the finished room. and i love seeing your trial painting - gorgeous.

  7. That's my lust have chair for our living room! What a fabulous decision! It's going to be a great space!

  8. Haha just realized I'm still going through you archives and it probably already IS a great space... I look forward to seeing it in the next couple of hours of reading!

  9. Eeek. You've seen all my embarassingly bad older posts. I've only recently learned how to blog properly. But thanks for all the sweet comments you've been leaving. And yes, the desk/chair/lamps are all together (with some changes):


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