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July 25, 2011

Inexpensive Art Idea @ Mom's House

A few friends of Dans le Townhouse have asked about my mom's house, suspecting her home is beautiful.  Although I think my mom has an exceptional eye and great taste, she argues that my childhood home is a work-in-progress and so she isn't exactly letting me take any photos, other than "before" shots that I can only post when her house gets a face-lift.  But, bad seed that I am, I have snapped a few shots that I plan to share. 

The second bedroom on the main floor of my parents' modest 1950s home has been, via numerous reincarnations, my bedroom, my parents' bedroom, a sewing room and now a den (although we still call it the sewing room, even though it is filled with books and a chair).  Adorning one corner of the room is the sweetest idea for art: tiny etchings purchased in Wales for a song.  These etchings, actually sold as greeting cards, are small but detailed.  Although the custom framing my mom opted for boosted the cost, a similar effect could be achieved with any vacation momento: greeting cards, handmade postcards, artwork by street vendors, etc., hung in store-bought frames with only custom matting (a much more cost effective route).  The trick is to hang the tiny pieces of artwork en masse so they make a statement; these sweet cards fill an entire wall with style (and memories).

My mom's "den" with her inexpensive art idea.



  1. OHhh your mom's house MUST be great!!!

    My mom's house is kinda a dump! They need to edit, paint, take down the floral wallpaper trim, get rid of the sears burgundy valance/curtains, and clear out the JUNK! (Oh I guess I already said EDIT)

    I try to steer them, but they tend to buy the worst ill fitting furniture (they LOVE don't pay a cent event at leon's), and oohh...I can't even think about it...the house could be so cute but even when they try to fix stuff up, they have this misguided idea of what actually needs to be fixed, and what should be left as is. For example they really want to combine 2 bedrooms into one, and put a fireplace in the room...its soooooo not a good idea... such a waste of time and COULD BE nice...but it wont be...the fireplace will be put in the most convenient place for them to DIY, with total disregard for where the bed will go!!!! OK, sorry, I am fine as long as I don't think about it. When I go home I feel like I will suffocate.


    anyways, great idea on the art! and nice photos! and thanks for the therapy!! :)

  2. Shannon, I can see how that would be so frustrating!! I have many friends/family members whose homes need a serious facelift to reach their potential. I'm pretty lucky to have such a stylish mom. I'm going to give her a hug right now!

  3. Tell your mom I said hi and give her a hug for me. Also tell her that I'm dying to see her house, because I know it's fabulous! Everything you showed in the clandestine photo was amazing...the chair, table, lamp and art. She's just being bashful. :)(It took my friend Ester forever to let me post pictures of her gorgeous house, because she thought people wouldn't like it.)

  4. Such an elegant idea.

  5. I can't quit looking at that side table. Do the sides drop so that it can be a triangle? It's lovely.

  6. Good eye Dana! The teak table does have sides that hinge so it converts easily to a smaller, triangular table. It isn't vintage but it is solid teak, from Denmark.

    P.S. My mom says "hello" and thanks you for your kind words. She looks forward to a chance to meet you!

  7. I love the neutral colors in the room and the chair is just gorgeous :)

  8. Mom has a beautiful Lotte lamp too!


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