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July 11, 2011

Things to Steal

I am going to be visiting my mom soon, soon, soon.  Guess who has one of the funky, red polka-dot pieces pictured below?  She actually has one with a lid!  Seeing as I am so sweetly delivering The Lamps (1500kms!), plus some other goodies, some pilfering might be in order when I arrive.  Lol.  Cue the Jaws music: da-dum, da-dum, da-dum.

The Hunt for Vintage via
Better Home & Gardens
How adorable is this kitchen??

P.S. Before you feel bad for my mumsy-wumsy, you should read the pilfering-themed comments she has left on various posts.  She's been bold about wanting my new vase . . . 


  1. Aqua and Candy Apple Red. My absolute favorite color combo!! The bowls are cute enough, but I find myself wishing they were cherries instead of polka dots :)

  2. Did I miss a post? What are you going to do for lamps??? Those looked so perfect in the townhouse.

  3. i have some polka dot fire king bowls, but i only use pyrex bowls...i am open to a trade...OR a small monetary donation to my thrifty fund (junk store obsession)

    cutest kitchen EVER BTW

  4. Oooohhh those are super cute! Pilfering definitely in order!

  5. Don't worry Dana, I am delivering the orange lamps, not the Lotte living room lamps. Actually, my mom found some pretty wild shades for the large orange lamps she had me pick up for her (she spotted them on kijiji).

  6. Shannon: my mom read your comment and is very interested. Perhaps we can chat via email?

  7. Hey - that's my kitchen! Wish it always looked that clean. Love my polka dot bowls.

  8. Holy wow! It is your kitchen. Not surprised that you recognized your own kitchen, just totally gobsmacked its famous. I found this photo on BHG online and fell in love. There was no link to you, but I've added one on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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