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July 26, 2011

Treasure Hunting Report

Treasure hunting was a family affair this past weekend, as we're still visiting our hometown.  My grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, Hubby & I all piled in and out of my grandparents' minivan for a morning of yard saling.  My dad must be the key ingredient, because we always score fun finds when he's around.   

My mom & I picked up this bowl, "unmarked" because its bottom was hidden by a piece of glued on felt.  We picked up, but didn't buy, a few vintage West German pieces at the same yard sale - we just didn't love them enough - but this came home because we thought the glaze was so pretty.  Low & behold, it too is a piece of West German pottery. 

"New" West German pottery piece. $1.

Still need to get the rest of the felt off the bottom . . .

I bought this random DIY'd mug because the glaze is soooo pretty.  Maybe it will inspire a painting.  I plan to toss random pens, etc., in it for now.

I have a few other pieces of this china pattern that were my great-grandmother's.  At 25 cents, I couldn't resist this addition (I actually bought two).

I bought this stone dish with lid for 25 cents.  I am obsessed with stones (I had/have a pretty large rock collection and I can't walk along a beach without stuffing my pockets with polished stones) and little dishes like this are so convenient for stashing my jewellery.  I doff my rings and earrings in random rooms as soon as I get home, so this little dish is perfect. 

This pitcher is for my mother-in-law, who likes to mix organic juice with mineral water for a tasty drink.  It is made in Italy, which made my mom lust for it too.  I packed it up quickly - it isn't often I find something my mother-in-law might like . . .


I bought this petite artwork for 25 cents.  It is a touristy piece from Mexico, but the colours are so vibrant I had to have it.  It just needs a home on our walls.

These Christmas tree balls might seem like an odd choice for a gal who doesn't celebrate Christmas, but I am planning to make this wreath and I am adding this 50 cent score to a previous purchase of teal and gold balls with a rich patina.  Paired with cream wool my grandma happily donated to the project, you might just see this wreath made this year.  Maybe.

We saw a lot of pretty things on Saturday, but we tried to be good about not bringing everything home.  Even if it was vintage/valuable/marked.  If we don't 100% love it, it will only be clutter . . . but it is sooooo hard to resist sometimes. 


  1. Thanks! Once I posted these photos, it seemed like I had less to show than I thought I did . . .

  2. Is it strange that [while I'm enamored of your finds] my favorite thing about this post is your use of the word 'doff'?

    I'm absolutely using it today. Tomorrow too.

  3. You totally scored on this trip! I absolutely love the fat lava bowl.

    Incidentally, I love that you said "doff" too. That's a word you don't hear too often, and it's a good one. :)

  4. He he he. Doff is a good word. Where do I pick up these random words?

    Dana, I thought it was fat lava but I wasn't sure - I re-read your post but this one seemed plainer somehow. Thanks for confirming.


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