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July 19, 2011

What Not To Do

Giggling out loud to self. 

Apartment Therapy recently posted this post about what to do before going out of town.  There were fabulous tips, that I tend to employ, like cleaning, getting mail held and calling the alarm company.  Good tips, AT.  But check out the organized photos they used to demonstrate the process of getting ready for a trip:

Apartment Therapy

Hmmm.  That is where they lost me.  Right before I left the townhouse, this is what the spare bedroom looked like:

Did you spot the item of clothing HUNG FROM THE CEILING FAN to speed-dry?

It really works . . .

I did it not once, but TWICE:

My pre-travel gong show sure was a far cry from what the guest room normally looks like . . .

Does your home suffer when you prepare for a trip?


  1. Ugh. I dread packing. It looks like the closet exploded in every room. By the time the vehicle is loaded I'm so frazzled I can hardly think straight. Good thing my husband mans the steering wheel!

  2. how on earth do you keep a house that clean? ;-)

  3. I love that last pic - it's like, "Sigh. This is what my house usually looks like."

    But maybe it's your how-do-they-all-turn-out-so-freakishly- well -DIYs, too.

    That may have something to do with it:)

  4. @emily -I was thinking the same thing.

  5. Your guest room sure looks lovely when you aren't packing! And it isn't as bad as you think while you're packing too! I'm sure everything in the room went neatly into suitcases and the room was tidy before you left!

    Or at least that's what you should tell blogland (that's us!).


  6. I find getting back the worst.. I hate unpacking! Mostly I'm commenting to tell you how much I love the white room! So fresh!!!

  7. I think the key to our normally tidy house is:

    - We have no kids
    - We have no pets
    - I'm a super control freak
    - I work from home
    - I can't do work unless the house is tidy

    But I'm so glad I'm not the only one to turn my house upside down when a trip is looming. All hell breaks loose!

  8. Ok, I know the post was about a trip, but I can't get past the art in your spare! Fantastic! M.

  9. Thanks! The paintings above the bed and beside the bathroom door are by Hubby's grandfather. I blogged about his work here:

    The painting in the bathroom is a DIY, that I blogged about here:

  10. I have to admit I am one of those people who likes visual order so it is always my goal to leave my house spotless before a holiday so I come back to a calm space. Of course, it's superficial because this usually means items are shoved in drawers to get them out of sight!
    oh and i love the paintings in this room too

  11. That's a good tip - I think I need more drawers that are empty, purely for the purpose of shoving random stuff into :)


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