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August 31, 2011

Cat in the Cupboard

Remember how, in July, I got a little lucky with the yard sales and bought lots of vases and home accessories?  Well, after visiting our home town (where I found many of my fun finds) Hubby & I drove back to the townhouse, I hurriedly took care of a few last minute details and two days later I was overseas.  All of my finds stayed packed in a box (or two or three).  Now I am a bit overwhelmed by the task of finding everything a home, especially because my "home" for the last month has been so, ummm, "spartan" . . . 

My mom has a good handle on displaying beloved items without her space looking packed to the gills.  I love the cute little handmade goods and artwork she has scattered about her house, displayed in a casual but distinctly un-cluttered way.  I think the key is to have one piece showcased at a time.  This bookcase is pretty spare (other than being jammed full of books) and this one ornamentation is given room to "breathe".

Before I embark on my unpacking mission, what are your tips for not letting small bits and bobs overwhelm or clutter a space?

This handmade cat (actually a pen-holder) was purchased when I lived in Kingston, ON



  1. Gosh I am the last to give advice on how to fit in trinkets and things.
    I love small things and my home is filled with them.
    I have no tips I just know when one is too much or not enough, lol
    LOVE THE KITTY!!! So cute!
    Good luck with your decorating.

  2. Some rooms in my house are trinket free...others have clusters of trinkets...

    I will admit, I have a growing stash of things I don't want to part with, but I can't fit into my everyday life...

  3. Honestly, if I buy small things, I become compulsive about it and quickly acquire clutter. Recently I bought two tiny silver Dansk candleholders, and before I knew it, I had a collection of 6. I'm going to sell them on Etsy before they take over my house! The solution for me is just not to buy them in the first place, because I have no self-control. :)

  4. I display only one thing ... a large painting, one piece of pottery, a pair of candle sticks. I find if I "group" things they start to look like clutter. I go for a very minimal look. Most surfaces bare. Good luck I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. The little, inexpensive things are the easiest to collect and most difficult to get rid of. I have lots of tiny "good deals" too.


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