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August 17, 2011

DIY Martha Stewart Inspired Earrings

SO sorry, blog friends (and mom).  My month long study in Hungary has been madness and my computer exploded (I am at the mercy of my roommate, whose laptop did not commit suicide) and that combination has led to too little blogging.

But I was thinking of blogland and DIY projects today because I wore a pair of earrings I whipped up last month.  I wanted to share because none of the friends I have made here seem to care about DIY.  However, I am headed to a Hungarian Folkcraft Festival this weekend and am hoping to find some inspiration and like minded people.

What inspired the earrings I wore today?  Well, I was flipping through some hand-me-down Martha Stewart Living Magazines and spotted this photo of a DIY necklace with shell pink, pale lime green, silver and highlighter-orange beads:

I loved the colour palette, but not the project, so I made a pair of earrings in the same colours.  I really like the combination of pale pink with citrus-y hues.  I used the same technique I outlined here (for making more simple earrings), and attached the straight pins to a short length of chain for a more dangly effect.



  1. That's such a beautiful color combination. I'm all into color palettes since I found Palette for Chrome. I'm obsessed with making color palettes for every photo I see. LOL

  2. gorgeous. i wondered what had happened to you as i popped over a few times to try and tell you how gorgeous your blurred focus photos were but the post seems to have disappeared! have fun at the fair!

  3. Sigh...I love the colors together. Very pretty and whimsical.

  4. egads! Darling! And that color combo? I need to get into making my own jewelry. It feels like I can never find just the right thing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    {ps - no apology needed, we're all just waiting patiently while you enjoy yourself in Hungary} =)

  5. How fun that you are in Hungary! My Hungarian S-I-L is scheduled to come visit me for a week next Sunday. I can't wait!

    Hope you having a blast. P.S. I've awarded you with the versatile blogger award. :) Not that you have lots of access to a computer since it exploded and all, but just thought you should know anyhow. :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Pascale, the post showed up out of chronological order and I decided to remove it and try again. Blogger REALLY had an issue with me being in Hungary. I was banned from my account for awhile and then strange things happened . . . I will re-post soon.


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