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August 2, 2011

Where in the World is Tanya?

Surprise!  I'm in Hungary.  On a different continent.  I mentioned awhile ago that I'd be taking a long flight and I did, over the weekend.  I am here because I won a scholarship in connection with my PhD research.  I'm studying here for a month with other students from all over the world (but I'm the only North American to have won this scholarship).  Hubby is still at home in Canada.

This trip is pretty crazily timed because we were JUST in our hometown visiting my family and attending a wedding.  We drove 1500 km home, then another 200 km the next day because I flew from another city.  Whew.

Even though I am abroad, there is a bit of a time lag in my posting - I still have fun projects and ideas to blog about, imported from Canada.  It might be a few weeks before I even have a chance to blog about any inspiration I pick up in Hungary!  But I'm hoping to find some great artwork here.  My posting frequency will also be a little less while I am here, too.

The painted tiles (first photo) that hang on my mom's walls are by a Hungarian artist.  My mom bought these years and years ago.  And the bottom etching in the bathroom (second & third photos) is also by a Hungarian artist - my mom picked it up the last time we were here and I artfully snagged it.  



  1. Wow...Hungary! Congratulations on the scholarship. I know you'll enjoy your visit, and I hope your studies are productive. I look forward to your posts about your stay there.

    What is the weather like? To make you feel oh-so-glad you're not in Texas right now, I thought I'd let you know that it's 112 degrees F (44.4 C) today, the hottest day since 113 degrees in 1980...and our 32nd consecutive day of triple-digit temperatures (and the 39th this summer). Whatever the weather is in Hungary, it has to be better than this.

  2. Well done on the scholarship. Enjoy your month! xx

  3. Amazing!! Congrats!! Post some pics too, k??

  4. Congrats! You know I'm going to be begging for a million photos, yes???

  5. Thanks all!! Your comments made me smile. I am feeling so homesick, with no phone and limited internet access. Blogging is making me feel more connected.


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