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September 27, 2011

Felted Wool Brooch. Swoon.

Etsy seller Lena Baymut, from the Ukraine, makes such amazing felted wool accessories that I am compelled to blog about her work.  I am especially fond of her felted wool floral brooch, pictured below, and will be periodically checking out my own blog today just to ogle the photos of it. 

I have been on a felted wool hiatus since making the felted wool billy buttons, necklace & needle felted wool abstracts but I will be rummaging through my supplies this weekend in the hopes of figuring out how to make something half as beautiful as this brooch.  I doubt I will be able to craft something so modern and sculptural, but I'll keep you posted on any DIY progress.  If you so desire, you can purchase this brooch in Lena's Etsy shop.  I can't promise I won't be immensely jealous, though.

Lena Baymut - Etsy Seller

Lena Baymut - Etsy seller


  1. Gorgeous....but you can make it. :)

  2. I am really curious to see how something like this would be made. Is it pieces of wool, or do you make it like the beads with the fluffy wool? I'm looking forward to seeing if you try this. Keep us in the loop!

  3. That is sooo you! So pretty. And the color is just a fall perfection.

    I can see it in a loungey dress or a polished office look or a pretty party dress too! And although I am absolutely broke, I think the price is very reasonable for something that versatile!

  4. Starlet: such a good point. I forgot to mention this brooch is only $25!

    Lesely, thanks for the motivation. You just want to make sure I have something for your linky party, dontcha? You're smart like a fox! I promise to link up as soon as I get off my lazy duff and MAKE something.

  5. Those are amazing!!! And the photography is great too.

  6. Rosa, I agree! I need to figure out how to make these brooches AND how to take a photo and edited it so only one item pops. I love that effect.

  7. Super cute!! They can be used for so many things! thanks for stopping by!


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