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September 23, 2011

Our Townhouse: Decorated by Strangers

Ever wish you could see what your house would look like if someone else took over the task of decorating?  Do what we did: move to a neighborhood of identical townhomes & make spying a dedicated hobby (MLS listings provide a great, legal venue for this if midnight strolls with craned necks peering into windows gets old).  Hey - its a perk of living in a neighborhood of homes so identical, it was tricky to find my own for the first six months.

I should be worried that so many homes in our neighborhood are for sale right now.  But concern for the mass exodus is overshadowed by my insatiable desire to see how other people have decorated their townhouse.  And I know some neighbors have been renovating because I've seen mint green & pale purple toilets strewn on lawns on garbage day.  (News to me that you could put out a toilet on garbage day.  In our hometown, no way could you get away with that).

Take a look at the photos below, snagged from the listings of three homes belonging to folks fleeing the neighborhood.  Its an alternate reality.  These all have the same layout as our townhouse, but compare these photos with our House Tour.  And then cue the creepy twilight zone music.



  1. Well I hope they're priced appropriately to reflect the varying degree of "decorated". I say take advantage of this busy real estate market to spy on all your neighbours:)

  2. Wow - some of these are kind of bad. If you choose to sell, I think your townhouse will sell pretty quickly!

    Although the purple wall people put in some effort . . .

  3. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder what people were thinking...:)

  4. I actually liked the townhome with the dark wood floors, cream fireplace, and the neutral walls (especially with that pop of eggplant...)

  5. Umm, the photos above are not from the same unit, right?

    Because the only one I like is the room with the dark plum and I hope they get their effort well worth it.

    P.S. I loveee looking at open houses too! You get brilliant ideas that way.

  6. These are from three different homes. An undecorated one (red carpet), a modernized one (dark floors) and a wallpapered one that only had a few, blurry photos to share.

    Just a sampling of how different our "identical" townhomes can look. Neat to see such different reactions to the decorating choices. . .

  7. hahah, this is so awesome...ur take on people leaving the community and also on cookie cutter homes..i love the way your thgts work :)


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