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October 3, 2011

How to Turn Your Photos into a Poster

I always plan to blow up & frame my travel photos, but my plans rarely come to fruition.  I end up picking the photos apart and decide they aren't good enough.  But then I found Picnik, a fabulous, free (unless you want to do super fancy-shmancy stuff) photo-editing website. 

Check out what I can do to this photo of me and two friends at Momento Park (aka Szobor Park), an open-air museum of the monstrous statues found around Hungary during communism control:

Unedited - just a regular shot with my point & shoot.
I like his shot because my hair looks especially shiny
and I'm with two good (new!) friends I met in Hungary.
"1960s" Effect.
"Cross Processing" Effect.
"Posterize" Effect.
There are so many more editing options available than what I previously had access to with my camera software, but I really like the posterize effect:

This definitely improves the odds of me framing my own photos! 


  1. I can completely relate to never getting around to printing photos. I love picnik as well. It's so fun and instantly gratifying to see what you can do.

  2. We use Picnik on our website, and I think it's very user-friendly.

  3. i use picnik too...and loads of luckfor the thesis dear

  4. Those shots look great! I need to start using picnik.

    PS thanks for reminding me of summer weather (not!) what's with the non-stop rain lately? My landlord already has the heat cranked. Should be an interesting winter!


  5. Great photos! Don't be so critical! They are all frame worthy. I know what you mean though. I miss many a blog post because I don't approve of my own photos.

  6. I've seriously considered paying for the picnik upgrade.

  7. What a cool trick! The zipper sign is very cool and graphic!
    x Erin @


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