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October 31, 2011

Surprise Sofa Swap

I blogged about a mysterious plan to better hide the fact that our sofa, from The Brick, was pealing apart but I spotted a great sofa deal over the weekend and, after an afternoon spent agonizing over the impromptu purchase, we decided to just get The Brick sofa outta the house and move on.  It makes me angry every time we sit on it which, embarrassingly, is pretty often.  It retailed for over $1000 (weep) but the same sofa-bed, no longer advertised as "bi-cast" leather but as "faux" leather, is about $700 now.  We posted our sofa on, asking $80.00, and got one reply, from a woman asking me where I got my ottoman.  Another woman thought one of my photos (stolen from my blog) was a magazine shot.  All flattering, but not helpful.

After a day, we posted an ad for the sofa in the free section and were inundated with replies.  Approximately 700 page views and more than 20 replies.  After the first person to respond bailed, I contacted people in the order they contacted me but people are picky.  Nobody liked that it had flaws (well, that is why it is FREE).  Finally, a guy named Rob confirmed a pick-up time and promptly came over.  The sofa is perfect for his in-the-process-of-being-finished basement.  We got to chatting and he even offered his assistance and truck if we ever need to move big items.  There are such kind people in the world, aren't there?

Here are the pics I posted for the ad:

One last look at the sofa . . .

Good-bye tiny flakes that end up everywhere.

The "new" sofa is lighter, so here's our super scientific approach to deciding if its the right choice:

1.  Cover the existing sofa in light duvets & blankets.

2.  Tape a leather sample swatch onto the blanket (it wouldn't stick to the wall).

3.  Tape up an image of the sofa in question, for reference.

4.  Stare at it, from different chairs in the room.

I call this photo, "Contemplation".

But now it is time to clean up this mess (minus The Brick sofa, which now has a new home) and snap some photos of the "new" one!!

I predict there is much cleaning/organizing in my future.

More details coming soon!


  1. I know that sofa has been the bane of your existence for ages, so I'm glad you decided to get another one. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Looking forward to pictures of the new one...

  3. Oh yay, glad you are getting a sofa!
    can't wait to see it :)

  4. Katherine: I'm glad you liked my living room before. I did too. But soon I will post photos of the new sofa - it looks even better!

  5. I love the new sofa against the dark leather ottoman! Those side tables are to DIE for! Great fresh and clean space!

  6. LOVE the polka dot pillows. do you sew them yourself?

  7. My mom sewed the pillows for me (the polka dot and brown print). Both fabrics are from a kind of dowdy quilting supply store. It is local to my hometown and I was so surprised that a quilting shop has fun, fresh fabrics!


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