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November 8, 2011

Unusual Soap Dishes

Before I babble on, I want to mention: yesterday the townhouse was featured on The Design Enthusiast. You can check it out here.

In preparation for my Ikea Expedit hack, I first de-cluttered and re-organized (and dusted!  Eegads) the shelves.  My beloved Shelley sugar bowl was not re-united with her Expedit friends, but I found her a new purpose in life: holding soap.

I thought it looked nice paired with my bright DIY painting and our grey floors & marble counters. 

yellow abstract painting

My secret for avoiding soggy soap?  I snagged the little "drain rack" from my legitimate soap dish. 

Shelley sugar bowl orange

It is a teeny, tiny pop of additional colour.  Microscopic, really, but it makes me happy!

Ignore the ugly outlet that STILL needs to be replaced.

And I have officially eradicated soap dishes from the townhouse.  One half bath has a pottery dish made by a young artist from my hometown, the other has a find from West Elm.  I don't know what I have against traditional soap dishes - I think I just like the opportunity to display something more unusual in a small space like a bathroom.

Black pottery soap dish
White bathroom aqua art


  1. I love your bathroom tweaking and that DIY painting is gorgeous!! I was thinking about doing something like that--just need to build up the courage :).

  2. Congrats on being featured, the bathroom looks *great*! And I *ADORE* DIY's that are quick and simple, they are the absolute BEST kind! (c:

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love your new soap dish and your DIY painting is amazing. Love finding new blogs to follow :)

  4. Thanks, Kristen. Definitely go for it! Painting can be so much fun, and you'd be surprised how good a "novice's" painting can turn out.

    Thanks Aubrey!

    Amelia: you blog is lovely. I'm following you now, too!

  5. I love your "Ignore" sign. I'll be smiling about that all day. Don't you just hate that some of life's necessities intrude on our decor? Electrical outlets are my #1 pet peeve, which is why I found your note so funny.

  6. Your bathroom is beautiful Tanya! I love the light, airy feel and in a room so clean the little pop of colour really does do a lot. I might have to steal, I mean copy, that canvas with the sigh. It's so darn perfect!

  7. Thanks, Dana. The outlet is old and beige to boot. Once its actually white I might not cringe so much. And yes, life's necessities can be a drag. Where do they hide the outlets in magazines?

    Thanks, Carol. Please steal the the DIY art idea and show me what you make!!

  8. I love the pops of yellow together. And great way to repurpose objects!

  9. Nice post, I like these photos, so beautiful!!
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  10. I totally need one of those drainers to avoid soggy soap! I have actually been LOOKING for one. Love your idea of using it in a beautiful ceramic bowl too.

  11. Heather (Interior Groupie). I'll keep my eye out for you. Mine is a handmade one, from Finland. It is a pottery-type piece. Maybe try a few local pottery shops in your city?

    One can probably be made from the material used for clay beads: rolls it out, use a cookie cutter to create the shape, punch some holes and bake per instructions? The slip it into a dish of your choosing. Maybe?

  12. so beautiful! where's your shower curtain from? thanks

    1. Good question! I really need a sources page, thanks for the reminder :) The shower curtain is by Marimekko. You can find Marimekko shower curtains online at

    2. thank you , i love it , might just get one for my bathroom :)


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