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November 2, 2011

How to Keep a Light Sofa Clean During a Move

Monday I blogged about giving the old sofa the heave-ho.  Yesterday you met the new-to-us sofaOne last post before I move on from the sofa topic:  how we managed to get a cream-coloured sofa home from the seller's house. 

We searched for a mover on (seemed fitting) and prices ranged from $50-85 for a sofa transport 15 km, with hubby providing one-half of the required muscle.  After some chatting, one mover agreed to $40 but his van, although clean, wasn't cream-sofa clean (nor were his hands, I'm betting).  And, although leather is easy to clean, I cringed at the thought of mucking the sofa up before we even got it home.  But between the two of us, Hubby and I (mostly Hubby) have moved about seven times in ten years, so we've picked up some tips & tricks.

What's our tip in this case?  Furniture-sized plastic wrap!  Office supplies stores and Costco both carry this delightfully clingy wrap and we've use it to wrap furniture, artwork, things that won't fit into boxes - even to keep drawers from sliding out of dressers during a move.

That's the secret to how the cream-coloured sofa stayed smudge-free on the journey over.  Maybe we should have left the plastic wrap on so we can keep it that way?



  1. Great tip! I've been wondering where I can find a roll of that stuff for my upcoming move but didn't know where to look. I already have a roll of a narrower width and love it. Thanks!

  2. Definitely a pro trick. What kind of material is the new sofa?

  3. Glad I could help!

    The new-to-us sofa is leather. Pretty durable and easy to keep clean, but we've never had a light-coloured sofa, so I will be fussy with it for awhile!

  4. Oh that's brilliant! Pre-kidlet, I had a cream sofa, and I had it steam cleaned once -- and they had to come back and do it again because, they said, cream streaks badly. Now we have a deep red one.

  5. That stuff is great. I don't know how people move furniture without it.

  6. we bought a floor model cream coloured sofa set from sears upon moving into our new house. they wrapped it right up tight, just like that. i was very impressed by how well they cared for their furniture, especially given that it was a floor model!

  7. Great idea, I will definitely be investing in some of that wrap next time I move :)


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