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November 7, 2011

Model Ambitions

As you might have guessed, I keep a close eye on comparable homes for sale in our city and neighborhood.  Although Hubby and I do not plan to list until I finish my PhD (another 2-3 years), I do get nervous about the future because we have invested money into improving the townhouse.  To see a return on that investment, housing prices need to move skyward a smidge.

Impeding our potential home-selling success, new builds seem to be priced scarily close to the price of our neighbours' townhousesBig construction companies, like Ryan Homes in America and Mattamy here in Canada, are often behind these types of developments and it's hard to compete with their prices.
Yesterday I passed by the build site of a new set of townhouses I had seen advertised.  Although the new construction has one fewer bedroom, less green space and is further from the downtown than our townhouse, will shiny & new lure potential buyers?

Although I'm openly glaring at this new construction  (all new construction in our price point, really), I'm secretly scoping out the model homes, looking for design tips.  How cute is this model townhome?

Love the cream coloured kitchen cabinets.  A nice departure from white.

What is interesting, is that the photos of this new home show little of the actual home, like the kitchen, for example.  The close-up shots of accessories seem more like a magazine photo.


  1. Isn't it fun to visit model homes? Since you don't plan to move for a while you have plenty of time to file away some of the styling ideas you pick up from your trips to the model homes.

    (Best of luck with your education!)

  2. I love visiting model homes. I just wish I could afford some of the great furniture picks they have.

  3. model homes in atlanta are never this classy...:) i see many traditional style homes with chunky stuff :)..this is so neat and refreshing

  4. Thanks, Karen!

    Beatrice: I know! The vintage furniture in this home would be quite the costly purchase from local vintage shops. I think we can afford the West Elm vases . . .

    Sudha: True, isn't is? The model homes I've seen have been very "cookie-cutter" - a lot of furniture that looks like it was bought en masse. That's why I wanted to blog about this one: its so cute!!

  5. They really went all out on decorating this model. It looks great! I love that floor lamp.

  6. You're totally right about the photos showing the accessories/decor instead of the rooms! It is super cute, though. And you're getting your PhD?! You GO, girl!

    Thanks so much for the visit today, and for signing up to follow my blog! :) (You might be disappointed to learn that I am no longer pinterest-less...I caved and signed up, strictly to organize that mess of bookmarks that I had accumulated. So far, so good!) :)

  7. I love these house, it seems so cozy but elegant at the same time and I love the color combination, it’s totally a model you should consider for your future house! Your blog is awesome by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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