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November 14, 2011

Weekend Facelift(s)

Two things got a facelift around here recently.  Not me - you can bounce a quarter on my chubby cheeks. 

First, the blog got some lovin' and I updated my header and layout.  This was my former header (the first one I actually "created"):

I'm not super tech-savvy so I'm especially proud of little things I figure out, like how to make all my photos the same width in blogger (coding!) and how to create these little tabs I added to organize my sidebar:

I think my head-scratching and frowning at my monitor paid off because the blog looks fresher, more modern and more me!

The second thing that got a bit fresher, more modern and more me is this random little paper organizer I found in the classifieds:

I needed something to deal with the mountains of to-be-dealt-with paper that piles up on my desk, the file cabinet, the floor.  This unit will help to (somewhat) organize paperwork that is still active and not ready to be put out of sight.

It got a light sand, coat of primer and two coats of Debbie Travis' "Zen Calm".  I didn't paint the inside because the movable shelves are such a tight fit, even a coat of paint would make the shelves too tight.  I taped off the edge, but a bit of paint leaked through.  I sanded it off and no one is the wiser.

We wall-mounted the unit using wall anchors and screws - luckily the place I wanted it was near a stud.  Once in place, the shelves hide the screws.

I still need to make some type of hanging tab/label, but here's what it looks like now.  It is not a decorative piece, by any means, but very necessary.  I just tried to make it a wee bit less ugly!



  1. I really like the new look!!! The circles are too cool :)

  2. Love it!

    Also, I want to become a follower of your awesome blog, but don't see google friend connect. Any ideas?

  3. Hi Jenny, my blog friends are on the bottom of the blog . . . scroll down. That's where google connect is located.

    Maybe not the best place? I didn't even think about folks not spotting it!

  4. Good job with the look of the blog. Coding is so confusing! It looks nice and modern and clean.

    Also- I like your paper divider. The coat of white paint helped for sure. Maybe you could paint the back panel a fun pop of colour if you wanted to pretty it up more? Although I like it how it is too- I just have a minor obsession with wallpapered or painted back shelving.

  5. Great transformation on both the blog and the paper divider. I am very impressed with your work on the blog. I have spent so much time in the past agonizing over how to get the coding right and finally hired someone to do it for me. Cudos to you smarty pants!

  6. wow, coding? You're my hero...great job. and so, this paper organizer is sweeeet. love what you've done here. come follow us over at our new blog...creative (coding) ideas appreciated!

  7. Hi Christine, I thought about painting the back but once it is filled with all my paper, none of it shows :)

    Carol & Ashlee: don't worry ladies, super simple coding was done! Nothing complicated, but a major triumph for me. Lol.

  8. Nice changes to the blog banner, and your paper sorter is really going to come in handy. I need to come up with an innovative way to organize and store the bazillion flash drives I have in my desk drawer.

  9. Dana: maybe those lipstick organizers organizing stores carry?

  10. I have just discovered your redesign [I usually read via Google Reader, and I've been a bit sloooowww] and not only do I agree on the fresher/crisper look you've created but I'm especially fond of the "Blogs I Heart."


    Much love straight back at you!!!!


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