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December 15, 2011

How We Paint - Giggle a Little

You know how much I love white spaces.  I've blogged about bright, white airy spaces a hundred times and now I'm pinning them like crazy.  At least I'm living the dream.

In every room except the half bath on the main floor, we painted all the walls, trim, doors, ceiling, etc., the same shade of white.  Although the paint department was aggravated we didn't opt for at least a glossy trim (wanted it all the same) we did go with appropriate ceiling paint.  The all white look, in addition to allowing artwork to pop, makes our small home look larger, helps it look brighter (townhouse = limited windows), really makes the uninspiring 70s trim blend in (the upstairs has new baseboard, so it's not 100% identical either), and also draws attention away from our popcorn ceilings.

Although I am actually painting the basement a colour in the new year (more info on our basement plans soon) I am very committed to white.  To give everyone a little giggle here's a great video.

This is pretty much how we achieved the "gallery-white" look I was after (minus the teddy):

I needed this giggle too, because I am looking at a mountain of exams to mark.  It's a good thing I buy red pens in bulk.



  1. You know up until this post I never noticed that your home was all white! I actually had to look through the townhouse tour again just to make sure I read correctly! Usually I think white is sterile and not fun, but I love the way you've decorated to make it open and airy but still homey! Can't wait to see what color you have in mind for the basement!

  2. I needed that giggle today!

    We stuck to very neutral colours everywhere except our bedroom and the only room that I'm happy with when it comes to paint is our bedroom. Perhaps I need to get rid of those neutrals and stick to white.

  3. Too funny. You have to laugh at Mr. Bean every time! I love a white room as well but I"m eager to see what colour you're going to be using in your basement.

  4. I love Mr. Bean!
    Wait, did you just saying you are painting your basement something other than white???

  5. We LOVE our bold painted walls over at our place. But you do a good job injecting lots of color into your home.

  6. We're planning to paint our basement all white and I was seriously thinking about this Mr. Bean moment the other day - it just seems like it would be so much easier haha!

  7. I'm still laughing about the wrapped grapes, especially since I'm notorious for painting without covering or taping anything.


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