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December 2, 2011

My Expedit Hack Paintings - Close Up

Lovely readers have asked for close-up photos of the paintings I made for the Artful Ikea Expedit Hack, so I tried my best.  Take a look, as long as you remember three things:

a. Taking good photos of paintings is no easy feat.
b. I'm not sure I like all of these paintings.  You might see a switch-up in the months to come.
c. I'm not an artist.  I'm just a crafty gal who likes to smoosh paint around.

The How-to's:

Numbers 3 & 4

The chevron painted canvases are the same shade of turquoise but one is pale cream and the other a muted pink.  I'm feeling lukewarm about the colours but here's how, with Hubby's help, I taped off the canvases using a plastic triangle drafting tool as a guide:

The pattern lines up, but it also wraps around the sides so the paintings look nice hung side-by-side, or on their own.

Number 5

People often ask for a how-to for paintings (especially my yellow abstract) but unless it is something really rigid, like the Sigh painting, it is tricky because I really just move paint around.  And my mood really affects the product - I don't completely control the outcome so it is impossible to provide instructions . . . but I did try to chart the progress of painting #5 and maybe I can do an even better job next time:

And, speaking of artistic endeavours, Salvage Love (remember I featured Janine's awesome wood scrap art?) featured my framed bakelite brooches - click here to see the feature.  I love blog love.


  1. I adore your paintings but I know what you mean about it being a difficult tutorial. A huge congrats on your DS feature Tanya!!! You are getting lots of great love lately. Well deserved:)

  2. Thanks Carol!

    Some blog love is nice because it softens the oodles of rejections. Lol.

  3. No 1 and 2 are my favorites. So beautiful. You are an artist :)

  4. It's funny: No. 2 was the last painting I did and I was covering up another painting. It took me about 25 minutes to produce and I had to literally hide my brushes because I couldn't stop fiddling with it. But I was convinced I'd ruin it if I kept adding. No. 5 was my favorite, but now I think No. 2 is my favorite, too.

  5. so pretty! I was excited to see you featured over at d*s, congrats!

  6. These are so wonderful! I love how they are incorporated through the shelves. Cute cute blog!
    xo, Kinsey

  7. Wow, I just popped over to your blog after reading your awesome interview on HodgePodge and made it all the way to this post before remembering I should leave a comment and let you know I love ALL your projects :) Cheers, Tanya, you are one talented DIY maven. Looking forward to coming back for more often!
    *Tania @

  8. I'm not sure how but somehow I just stumbled on your blog today and got lost in all of your fun DIYs. Love, love this idea, especially because it can hide the not so pretty stuff in the Expedit bookcase that's going in my office! Oh, and I'm your new follower :)


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