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December 5, 2011

The Only Christmas Gift I'll Give

As Hubby says, I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma.  I make and sell Christmas Spiders, but I don't celebrate Christmas!  I guess the spiders are a glittery holdover from when I did celebrate Christmas.  They're just so sparkly and purdy.

Other than giving gifts to the kids in my family (until their love no longer needs to be bought - when does that happen?) I do exchange gifts with one friend (shhhh, don't tell my other friends). 

I made this friend a pair of earrings awhile ago but I also bought her this gorgeous necklace, at an art gallery in my hometown:

My friend and I exchanged our gifties over the weekend and she loved both gifts.  She has already worn the necklace (whew - success).  I picked it because it is such a modern spin on a time-honoured craft (you already know how much I love funny embroidery).  But it turns out there are so many modern interpretations of embroidery, and even needlepoint, jewellery:

Aqua Gradient Necklace - B Studio

Chevron Needlepoint Necklace - NeedleYou

A silhouette.  Squeeal!

Needlepoint Silhouette Belt Buckle - NeedleYou

The Rory - Embroidered Pendant - The Hollie Rogue Shop

Embroidered Necklace - Chocolate Sushi HM

This one is a bit different: it's hand dyed silk, but it is too gorgeous not to include!

Chartreuse Necklace - BStudio


  1. These are just so cool. I love anything like this as jewelry - when an old-fashioned art turns modern! I might add something like this to my own Christmas list. Or perhaps I could attempt a DIY...

  2. These definitely have DIY-potential. I really want to give the dipped silk pendant a go.

  3. Gorgeous! I would never have thought of combining embroidery and jewelery, but it's so pretty!

  4. love these! Handmade gifts are THE-BEST!

  5. Beautiful. Love the chartreuse necklace. I think handmade gifts are the best. Unique, thoughtful and love-ly.

  6. The chartreuse one and the aqua gradient with French knots are my favorites. I'd love to have them in wall hanging size.

  7. so unique, great gift idea
    follow me if you like me:)

  8. Hmmm, sounds like the chartreuse one is a favorite! Pressure's on to figure out how . . . maybe over the holidays I can do some fiddlin'. I have scrap silk from my bakelite brooch project.

  9. Okay, where have I been? I've never even heard of embroidered jewelry. They're all gorgeous but I think the chocolate sushi is my fav. Why no Christmas? Is it religious or you just had enough? Too nosy? Feel free to tell me to mind my own beeswax:)

  10. Hi Carol,

    You may absoutely ask (anything!) I just didn't go into details because I don't want my blog to be my soapbox. But if you're curious, here goes:

    My family is not religious but did the consumerist aspects of Christmas during my childhood. But the expense proved to be taxing when I was in my teens: travelling to see family, who were too busy decorating/cooking/shopping/fussing to really spend time with us, the expensive gifts, getting the gifts 1500kms, etc. It was too much. And nobody was having any real fun. It became a chore.

    Plus, as I grew older I became uncomfortable celebrating anything religious because I am definitely not religious.

    So one year we tried something new, and went on a vacation instead. It was lovely and peaceful and my parents & I spent quality time together - something our busy schedules didn't allow. So we went away the next year and the next, eventually including my Hubby and doing fewer and fewer "Christmass-y" things.

    Our holidays now are relaxing and enjoyable and we travel - which is a favorite pastime of mine. Other than booking a trip, there is no preparation, no gift-buying, etc. I come back from the winter break relaxed and happy. We spend less money now, going on amazing trips, than we did with the holiday hullabuloo.

    The concept of a gift exchange was also always puzzling to me. It makes sense to buy gifts for kids, who don't reciprocate financially, but to spend $50 on someone who also spends $50 on you - it is like buying your own gift (but normally not as good, in my experience) and I just don't get it.

    But, as I've tried to (sometimes unsuccessfully) hide on the blog, I'm weird.

    What we do isn't for everyone, but I will never, ever go back to celebrating. Too much commercialization, consumerism, crazy madness and stress.

    But I do like white "Christmas" lights and I put them up each fall! But that's because I like sparkle.

    Stepping off soapbox now.

  11. Jeez Louise, my reply looked so much shorter in the comment box. Apologies to anyone who reads it in it's entirety. I'm soooo not that interesting ;)

    Oh, and Happy Holidays to those who do celebrate. I love how excited people are this time of year! I don't want to detract from that, in any way. Hope my Christmas Spider tutorial makes up for it . . .

  12. Oh I love the work of B Studio, I am planning to feature one of the pendants in an upcoming post myself. Also loving Chocolate Sushi

  13. I couldn't agree with your thoughts Tanya. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to convince my family to do the same. It's hard with kids because they definitely get sucked into the "things" they want. Good for you for being able to do it.

  14. Hi Carol,

    I don't think I would have been so ambivalent about Christmas as a child. I definitely am beaming as I open my gifts in all my childhood photos! It wasn't until I was in my teens that I started to value my time, over things. And now I'll take more time over stuff anyday (less to dust!) Maybe it will be more appealing to your family in the future. Happy Holidays!!

  15. Um, a totally unrelated question... Is it you holding the necklace in the first photo? If so, i love your nail colour! Do you mind sharing what colour it is?

  16. Hi Lucky Girl, I love unrelated Q's! The nailpolish I am wearing is by OPI: "Tickle my France-y" and I am obsessed with it. One coat is a subtle pink, two coats a bit more purple and three it is a feminine take on the grey nailpolish that became so popular. It is, by far, the best nailpolish colour I have ever bought!

  17. Your statement about not celebrating Christmas definitely caught my eye! Matt and I don't celebrate Christmas either...but for different reasons. And I agree, it makes life much more peaceful. While everyone else is fighting crowds, maxing out their credit cards, and getting stressed about cooking and entertaining, we're going on about life as usual, with little stress. It's quite nice.

  18. Hi Kristi, wow - we are starting to have so much in common, aren't we? It is nice to hear of someone else not celebrating, whatever your reasons, because it is very isolating. I even know people who celebrate a different religion, jumping on board for some aspects of the Christian(ish) aspects of the holiday.


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