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October 31, 2011

Surprise Sofa Swap

I blogged about a mysterious plan to better hide the fact that our sofa, from The Brick, was pealing apart but I spotted a great sofa deal over the weekend and, after an afternoon spent agonizing over the impromptu purchase, we decided to just get The Brick sofa outta the house and move on.  It makes me angry every time we sit on it which, embarrassingly, is pretty often.  It retailed for over $1000 (weep) but the same sofa-bed, no longer advertised as "bi-cast" leather but as "faux" leather, is about $700 now.  We posted our sofa on, asking $80.00, and got one reply, from a woman asking me where I got my ottoman.  Another woman thought one of my photos (stolen from my blog) was a magazine shot.  All flattering, but not helpful.

After a day, we posted an ad for the sofa in the free section and were inundated with replies.  Approximately 700 page views and more than 20 replies.  After the first person to respond bailed, I contacted people in the order they contacted me but people are picky.  Nobody liked that it had flaws (well, that is why it is FREE).  Finally, a guy named Rob confirmed a pick-up time and promptly came over.  The sofa is perfect for his in-the-process-of-being-finished basement.  We got to chatting and he even offered his assistance and truck if we ever need to move big items.  There are such kind people in the world, aren't there?

Here are the pics I posted for the ad:

One last look at the sofa . . .

Good-bye tiny flakes that end up everywhere.

The "new" sofa is lighter, so here's our super scientific approach to deciding if its the right choice:

1.  Cover the existing sofa in light duvets & blankets.

2.  Tape a leather sample swatch onto the blanket (it wouldn't stick to the wall).

3.  Tape up an image of the sofa in question, for reference.

4.  Stare at it, from different chairs in the room.

I call this photo, "Contemplation".

But now it is time to clean up this mess (minus The Brick sofa, which now has a new home) and snap some photos of the "new" one!!

I predict there is much cleaning/organizing in my future.

More details coming soon!

October 28, 2011

Canadian Home Tour with Lots of White

I submitted my felted wool billy buttons project to the Nate Berkus Show (I'm such a dreamer!) and while on the site, I found this amazing space by fellow Canadian, Natalie.  You know I love white walls + pops of colour (!) but Natalie has such a creative take: some white walls, some pale walls, white floors, white cabinetry & counters, (mostly) neutral furnishings but hits of wallpaper, colourful accessories, plus those fabulous printed chairs.  The result is fresh, modern, glamorous and even a touch beachy.  What do you think?

Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus
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October 27, 2011

Mug Love

It is getting chillier and chillier here in Ontario, so I've been leaning on my good friends loose-leaf tea and hot chocolate (Hubby doesn't understand the purpose of marshmallows.  We are so different).  You know many of our paintings were made by Hubby's grandfather, see more on that here, and we also have some of my mom's prints hanging about, plus my grandpa's sculptures and even a few of Hubby's mom's paintings.  We know we are super lucky to have such an artistic family and we hate to brag, but we recently received another gift from a family artist.  Hubby's aunt, click here for her website, sent us a set of one-of-a-kind mugs she made:

Reed Weir Pottery Mugs

Reed Weir Pottery Mug

It has taken me awhile to photograph them because since we received the package in the mail, there has always been one in use.  I cleared out space immediately in the cupboard and they are now my officially our favorites.

Don't ask about the elephants.
Least practical teapot ever.  Hoping to phase them out.
And yes, that's a knit mouse.

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October 26, 2011

Frame Vintage Postcards for Sentimental Art

Ta Da!
I finally framed the antique postcards I bought and, over the weekend, Hubby & I hung them up.  Apologies to our neighbours, because we did so late in the evening.  Both nights. 

Some decorating math:

Stack of white floating frames

Postcards from early 1910s

Painfully empty stairway

TOO MUCH naked wall, but the scale made even the largest canvas look mini.
Less empty stairway

We made sure the top postcard is centred on the light fixture and hung below it,
so the light doesn't block the view from the top of the stairs.
I love the subtle bits of deep turquoise (of course - my fav colour!)
It helps make the turquoise tile that came with the house make (some) sense.
The white frames are simple enough not to compete
with my DIY card display board.
It was Hubby's idea to overlap the frames by the width of each frame.
Creates a nice, neat, graphic look.

I rarely do this, but here's the cost breakdown:
  • 8 antique postcards in total = $40, haggled from $50
  • 7 white floating frames (from Chapter's) = $118.57
  • Hanging supplies we already had = $0
Total cost: $168.57

With less frustration than last time, we also used templates to space out where we wanted to hang the postcards.  Normally Hubby holds the art while I ponder, but gallery walls preclude that type of distribution of labour.  He was a sweetie, though, and cut out all the templates!

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October 25, 2011

Apartment Therapy House Tour

Wish me luck because I recently submitted a few photos of the townhouse to Apartment Therapy for their House Tours.  But, seriously, how can I compete with gorgeous homes like the one below?  Jess Constable, of Make Under My Life, has a fabulously cheery apartment featuring all of my favorite colours PLUS amazing DIY artwork.  Swoon.  Her apartment must look sunny-day warm & glowy everyday.  To see more of her inspiring home, check out this Apartment Therapy post.

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy
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October 24, 2011

Sheer Fun!

With the guest room newly decked out with a DIY sheer window covering, the townhouse is almost, officially, all about sheers.  Only the office is lacking sheers and, being right beside our bedroom, it looks strangely out of place (see photo below).  I love the silk panels, but they make the room look beige.  Take a look - same paint colour, same light, but the bedroom looks so much whiter than the office:

Here's a better shot of the sheers in our bedroom, from a rarely seen angle:

Sheer curtains in bedroom

Even though the silk panels are pretty, I want the window coverings to blend into the walls more.  I think it makes the windows look bigger and the rooms looks brighter.  Plus, it disguises the fact that the townhouse windows are ALL different shapes & sizes. 

Beige silk curtains

Here is a snippet of the new fabric my mom & I picked out - it has more and less sheer sections so we are working on a more unusual system so the sheers will block more light when needed (I don't want the sun shining in my eyes while I am at the office desk).  I'll keep you posted as we figure out a system.

The new fabric.
See?  Sheer obsessed!  In addition to our bedroom, sheers hang in the L-shaped dining room & living room.  The guest bedroom, as you know, but also the front hall which has sheers similar to the guest room, fitted to the narrow window beside the door.

Sheers to the right of the door - same style as guest bedroom.
Close up of the living/dining room sheers.

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October 21, 2011

Rothko-Inspired Painting on Cardboard

I came across these Rothko-esque paintings by artist Dee Adams and am completely smitten.  Her graphic paintings are produced on cardboard!  Isn't that fantastic?  Anyone who has painted knows that canvases, and art supplies in general, can be pricey.  Hubby used to make stretchers for me and then we'd spend hours tugging and stapling canvas, but it's a ton of work.  Using cardboard is a great idea for practice, kid's projects, etc. - look how chic it looks!

Rothko Inspired Art
Dee 9:14
A close-up of the yellow & black painting:

Rothko Inspired Painting on Cardboard
Dee 9:14
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October 19, 2011

Abstract Art Inspiration

When I'm in a funk/have had a bad day/am contemplating whacking somebody with a sockful of pennies, I like to carve out some time to paint.  I'm not going to lie: mostly I end up unsatisfied with the results (although sometimes I like what I paint), but the process just makes me feel so much better.  Even though I had a rough weekend and can barely stop myself from racing downstairs to tackle a canvas, I have to postpone painting until I can find some time later this week.  Meanwhile, I'm on the hunt for inspiration:

Apartment Therapy
Photo Via Flickr
Design by Coburn Architecture
Hall eclectic hall
Tracey Interiors
Via Isabella & Max Rooms
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