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January 12, 2012

Happy House?

I used my laptop in a bed.  Because I am a grad student (and blogger!) sometimes I feel like my entire reason for existence is contained within my laptop so, even though it is backed-up regularly, I rarely use it anywhere but my desk where it is safely hooked up to a monitor and kept far away from liquids.  My Hubby mocks me for this so I figured it's noteworthy.  But my laptop is on an excursion because I huddled in the guest bed of my uncle's lovely home to create most of this post (nope, this lazy bones isn't still in bed). 

I've been visiting my grandpa and he is in good spirits, although not out of the woods yet.  My visit was an extremely well received surprise.  He was so happy to see me.  He did say I was a nutter butter though, for just hopping in the car and driving 5 hours to see him (Hubby was at work, so I made the journey alone). 

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments and well wishes.  Reading the comments for my last post made me feel very positive.  I'm not a very spiritual person but I do believe that our "energy" (whatever that means) and happiness have profound effects upon our health.  I routinely send "good vibes" to friends or family by simply cheering them up.  I hope I've cheered my Papa up a bit. 

To say thanks for your support, here's a little giggle (you know I'm always up for something funny).

Check out this painting (found in the home we rented for the holidays - see more photos in this post).  Is the house screaming or laughing???

Not everyone I show this to sees a face.  Do you?


  1. It's screaming in horror at how it was painted.

    - Lil

  2. I'm glad your visit cheered your Papa, and I hope he gets well soon. (I called my maternal grandfather Papa, so that name brings back sweet memories.)

    As for the picture, I see what appears to be a screaming barn behind a house. It may not actually be in distress or in fear, but at best, it's surprised. :)

  3. Ha, it is screaming because it is on fire I think? What is going on with the orange, roaring flames?

    Glad to hear you Papa's spirits are high. I'm sending good vibes and thoughts : )

  4. Your family is in my prayers, sweetie.

  5. Definitely see a face in that house, but it looks like it's gasping to me... maybe the house is on fire, and that's why!

    I'm glad your Papa was in good spirits, and that you made the trip.

  6. Glad your grandfather is feeling better! :-)
    With the orange accents, the house seems to be surprised or shocked by something horrendous! I saw the face before I read the text, I'm always looking for faces in things ;-) I highly recommend "Faces in Places", bith the blog and the book!

  7. Its great that your grandpa is doing better...Energy does help Tanya..i felt that quite a few times with my own health :)..and hey looks like people in that house were firing some crackers :P

  8. Aww...I'm glad to hear that you Grandfather is feeling better! and happy to hear that he was so happy to see you.

    I see a man's looks like he's shouting..but I'm not sure. Very cool painting.

  9. So glad to hear that your grandpa is on the mend (sending good vibes your way). I adore that picture of the house, I definitely see the face and I agree with Melissa, I think he is shouting :)

  10. You folks crack me up. I love the different interpretations of the "screaming" face. And thanks, again, for all of your well wishes and kind words. I have the best blog friends in the world . . .


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