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January 5, 2012

Vallila Pillows + Mom's Living Room

Get ready blog friends because I'm revealing some of the drool-worthy goods we picked up (on sale!) from Finn Style.  I've made a quick detour to visit my family in my hometown, in between staying in Duluth MN and heading home to the townhouse, so I thought I'd show you what my Mom bought first.

My mom has a knack for picking perfect pieces.  Whether we're at a yard sale rummaging through heaps or at a high end boutique fondling the wares we can't buy, my Mom can skillfully pick out the prettiest and most unusual gem.  While shopping at Finn Style last week I ogled the Marimekko textiles until my eyes bulged out.  Meanwhile, my Mom found stunning Villila pillows.  A lesser known but equally inspiring design house, Villila makes gorgeous textiles.  The print covering my Mom's pillows depicts an urban street in Helsinki, Finland.

Take a peak at the pillows in their new home, the living room of my parents' 1950s home (my paternal, Finnish great-grandfather built the home).

Mom's house is a work-in-progress so wide angle photos are expressly prohibited but I couldn't help providing a little sneak peak into the rest of the living room, where she's hung one of my paintings.  Mom & I also now own the same sofa, but hers is this great cinnamon colour.  I love how she made the matching ottoman look less matchy-matchy (and more soft and cuddly) by tossing on a sheepskin. 

Mom also picked up a fabulous Marimekko dress (on sale).  It looks like the one on the left, but in a black with beige polka dots that are a bit smaller and more irregular.


My Dad bought this mug.  Cute, right?

Aarikka Moose Mug, Photo from Finnport

With the addition of some discounted Marimekko giftcards (pictured below), that's Mom's haul.

Finn Style

P.S. Here's a little glimpse into Mom's library from last year


  1. My mom will be so pleased to hear that. We're planning on sewing some complementary ones.

  2. Those pillows are so yum!! she is def a fashionista :)

  3. Your mom definitely nabbed some awesome goodies! I am crazy in love with the dress!

  4. I want to go shopping with you and your mom! I need someone with a nose for the good stuff!

  5. Great pillows and I love that painting behind the sofa!

  6. Tanya, I wish you were my neighbor! :) You find the best treasures. I love the painting behind the sofa too!!!

  7. Your mom must be so much fun to shop with!

  8. Your painting is gorgeous! Wow!!! Love the pillows.

  9. Wow Tanya! Before I got to the part about the painting I was already loving it! And then to learn that you painted it, too! Double WOW! Heart the pillows... LOVE the painting! :-) What an incredible talent you have.

  10. Your mom certainly has a fabulous eye, but it was the painting that really caught my attention. I have a soft spot for oversized pieces, and as an artist myself was immediately drawn to it.

    As I read on to discover that your were the artist.. wow! I am blown away. The two pieces really complement, even though one is abstract and the other an urban scene.

    1. Thanks Martina, I'm often really insecure about my paintings so it is really nice to hear someone (especially an artist) compliment my work :)


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