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February 14, 2012

DIY Bead + Chain Necklace (Perfect for Leftovers)

This project almost looked as if it would be a Pinterest Project Completion Win . . . 

1. I pinned a necklace tutorial I loved.

Ecab Online

2. I sat down at a table, with the necessary supplies all ready.

3. I started.

4. Then I lost momentum, for some reason, and said to myself, "Meh, I'm not feelin' this anymore".

5. I had some tea.  Then I started fiddling with my supplies, dejectedly.  Kind of pushing them around, like kids do to unwanted broccoli at dinnertime.

6. Then I had an idea!  I could finally use a weirdly odd number of really pretty stones I had hidden away amongst my supplies (mmmmm, stones).

7. No longer super angry at Pinterest and the world, I re-started my project with renewed enthusiasm.

8. Using a simple method of stringing beads onto coated wire and affixing with crimps to the opposite ends of the chain, in lieu of where a necklace would normally be attached to a clasp (I outlined this procedure in this how to string beads post), I created a fun, off-centred necklace.

And, voila!

  • Small length of coated wire (perfect for scraps)
  • 2 crimps (plus a few spares for angry-making mistakes)
  • Length of chain that will fit over your noggin (I salvaged this from another necklace)
  • Any beads you like - a good project for random, leftover beads

    P.S. No Valentine's-y happenings here, but I did blog about a food-colouring-free pink icing last week.  That's my contribution.  I hope you all have a lovely day!


      1. I love this idea! Totally adding it to my weekend to-do (in a fun way) list!

      2. This is gorgeous! Love it! I really love off center necklaces like this. Well done!

      3. Love it! The best projects are born out of a little frustration and then adapting it to suit your needs. Well done!

      4. Love the asymmetrical look and the bead/chain combination!

        One of my daughter's friends owns a bead shop, and for a while I was really into using the Sundance catalog as my inspiration, and I recently saw one I'd love to make.

        1. I love the Sundance catalog!!! How they style the jewellery is so gorgeous, too. And what stunning pieces.

      5. Replies
        1. Thanks! You're also a superstar. And awesome at making me feel awesome.

      6. Love that look. It looks like something I would purchase to wear with a work outfit. Trendy yet sophisticated!

      7. Hi Tanya! I love your necklace...I think it turned out beautifully! I have had projects turn out completely different than when I started too! Funny how that happens! Did you know that your comments on blogger are set at 'no reply' so no one can reply directly back to your comments? Just thought you might want to know so you can change it! Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful! Angie xo

        1. Oops! One day this reply feature popped up and I never even thought to check the settings. Before comments were just posted chronologically. Thanks for letting me know!!

        2. Crum, I looked and I don't see an option for this under design. Why is blogging so hard?

      8. I really like your work. Pretty awesome.


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