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February 20, 2012

Snow Day + Home Town Love

Before you start reading, you have to promise to watch the AMAZING video at the end of this post.  Promise?  Perfect.  In return, I promise it will make you smile.

You might have guessed that I'm not big on holidays - especially the ones that don't even involve time off from work (Valentine's Day, I'm looking at you).  Certain "holidays" tend to necessitate more work: baking, crafting, gift-buying, etc.  This obligation makes things I like (shopping, eating cookies and crafting) a chore.  But Family Day, a day off for many Canadians in Ontario, Alberta & Saskatchewan (any other provinces or countries?) has no rules, no special gift wrap and no chores.  Just a day off for the Hubs and I.  Seeing as we spent the whole weekend working on the townhouse (I started painting the basement!), today we plan to relax.  And then excitedly watch paint dry.  And then probably do more painting, who am I kidding?  But we will stop and enjoy the day.  How could we not, when it's as pretty as this:

On the subject of snow, a lot of blog readers ask me where I'm from and where I live.  The latter question Hubby hates when I answer, for "security" reasons, although I still do - Ottawa!  The former question, however, I always say with pride: Thunder Bay, Ontario on beautiful Lake Superior.  I miss our city and look forward to a time when Hubby & I can move back.  In the meantime, my heart swells with pride anytime I see Thunder Bay folks doing something awesome, and the video below is no exception.

Check out these Thunder Bay young'uns create snow jumps at the ends of driveways and ski down some of Thunder Bay's city streets in the middle of the night.  So dangerous and I absolutely don't suggest anyone try these stunts on their day off from work today, but you have to watch this video because the editing, the music, and the hilarious ski bombs are all fabulous.  It is just so beautifully done.

You can watch a mini-version below or head to YouTube (here's the link, it will open in a new window) so you can see the video in full screen.

Happy Family Day, or . . .  just Happy Monday!


  1. Hey, we're almost neighbours, I'm in Montreal

  2. Today is Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, pretty much the same deal as family day (no special gift giving or meals etc).

    Love this video! Reminds me of the many snowboarding trips to Thunder Bay back in the day -- I'm originally from the Kenora area (4-5hours west of Tbay) & it's funny watching & recognizing the streets & neighbourhoods.
    Happy Monday :)

    1. Happy Louis Riel Day! I love that you're familiar with TBay. Kenora is SO close!! What a small and wonderful world.

  3. Family Day sounds like an awesome holiday! I think the US needs to get on that one!

  4. No Family Day in! Enjoy your day off. That video is awesome. My son does something similar on the mountain behind our house. Not enough snow for this but they carry their shovels and build dirt jumps and create even more danger in their already dangerous mountain biking:)

  5. beautiful thgt :) and a great set of pics...and yes.i played the video and loved it :)..thanks for sharing Tanya

  6. Great video! Oh, to be a kid again and be that confident that you're indestructible. :)

  7. I'm glad you all loved the video. I keep watching it again and again.

  8. I lived in Ottawa too for a few years and then decided to move back to where I grew up.. PEI. Loved the city but cheesy or not home is where the heart is! K. I'm going to watch the video now. Promise:)

  9. Thanks for sharing the video - it was really great!!! I'm with Carol... boo, no Family day in BC yet... but I hear it might be embraced yet. I'm all in if it is :-)

  10. I am thinking about heading up the mountain to see some snow! I love your pics! Love BC, but wish we had just a tad bit more snow during the winter.


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