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March 28, 2012

DIY Mini Pot Holder

Yesterday you caught a peak of the wee little pot holder my Mom and I made for the in-progress play kitchen and here's the how-to.  I love that this project used leftover batting from when I upholstered the kitchen chairs.  I'm so happy I saved the scraps like a mad hoarder.

Steps to pot holder goodness:

1. Cut out a rectangle of fabric, about twice the size you'd like your finished pot holder to be.  Fold the fabric in half, with the right sides facing each other (basically, inside out).
2. Cut out a piece of batting slightly smaller and place on top of your folder fabric.
3. Sew the batting to both layers of fabric, leaving one end open (so you can turn it right side out again).
4. Then trim the corners.

5. Flip your fabric inside out, so the batting is now on the inside, and neatly fold the edges of the opening.
6. Make a loop for the trivet from a folded and sewn strip of fabric (or you could use ribbon).
7. Pin the pot holder closed, pinning the fabric loop in place.
8. Sew the opening closed.

Then you can sew a decorative square, or trace the pattern with stitches - any quilty-ness you prefer - to help keep the batting in place.  You can also add trim or other decorative details.  When you're done, you have a little pot holder like this:

And, of course, you can use this same technique to make a full-scale one for yourself.  But it won't be as cute! 

Edit: If you do make this for oven use, use thicker batting (or a double layer) encased in a special heat shield fabric (your printed fabric will hide the heat shield).  Your local fabric store can help pick the right heat shield.  The thickness we used is great for hot casserole dishes (my grandma keeps a pot holder on the table when passing around dishes during dinner) but for removing something from an oven, you will need the heat shield for safety.  Thanks Carol for prompting me to clarify this important safety matter! 


  1. Replies
    1. I want to make a million things from this fabric, which is actually from a quilting store (who knew they carried such pretty, fresh fabrics?)

  2. I love the fabric you're using. It's so adorable! I am in desperate need of new pot holders so I wonder if this batting would be thick enough to hold a hot pot. Any thoughts?

    1. GREAT question!! I should update the post. To actually use a pot holder to lift things out of an oven (not just shuffle warm dishes around a table), batting encased in a special heat shield fabric (from a fabric store) between the batting and fabric is safest. A thicker or double layered batting is ideal and the more durable the fabric, the better.

  3. Really cute - and great workmanship, too, Tanya. I'm impressed at those mitered corners and straight seams. For what it's worth, I've found that old towels make great padding for home-made potholders. Cut in squares, it's thick and solid, doesn't shift when quilted, so doesn't create hot spots when you most need protection. Of course, a layer of heat shield fabric is all to the good.

  4. These came out SO cute! Perfect fabric for the play kitchen. I will have to remember this for when we finish our daughter's play kitchen. I was originally only thinking of cute tea towels, but she will love the pot holders. Love it! Pinterest here I come!


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