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May 1, 2012

Felted Billy Button Success Story

I love when folks try a tutorial of mine and then tell me (like here and here).  Especially when they tell me it worked!!  Surely you know Emily, from Go Haus Go?  She is one of my favorite bloggers and I wish we lived in the same city (even the same country would work) so we could be pals.  Is that weirdly creepy of me?  Oh, the adventures we'd have.  Like making felted wool billy buttons together.

She used my tutorial and check out her version:

Her billy buttons turned out perfectly, right?  And of course I'm loving her white walls + white bedding + colourful art. 

As a refresher, here are my billy buttons:

So many of you have left comments or emailed me, telling me you've tried an art project or craft tutorial of mine and I am dying of curiosity!  Even if you think it's a flop and refuse to let me blog about it, could I please see?  Pretty please? Please please please?!?  Remember, I don't have crafty friends outside of blogland.  Doesn't that make you feel sad for me?  Sad enough to show me your projects?  I promise your project is awesome and I guarantee it will warrant nothing short of gushing compliments.  Now show me . . .


  1. Love this idea! I must have missed it the first time around, but I am totally going to try making these.

    1. Great! So happy this wasn't too repetitive :)

      If you make some, you HAVE to show me!! I promise they are easy, but in the post with the tutorial (linked above) there's another link to a post on trouble shooting. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Tanya! That is so nice! YOU ROCK! When I rolled a good billy ball, I'd call it a Tanya. Swear. Don't think I'm creepy. xo, emily

    1. Maybe a little creepy? But I'm okay with creepy. Home bloggers like to peak into strangers' homes, so if someone says they're not creepy, they're just lying.

  3. Hi Tanya! Your work of art is wonderful. I'm been gardening few days ago and just finished our garden in front of our house. Now I'm planning to rearrange things inside our house, then when I saw this post, you gave me wonderful idea to do this weekend. I really love things in a simple arrangement with most white color. Thanks for the idea! Thumbs UP for Billy Buttons.


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