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May 9, 2012

More DIY Gift Ideas for Mom

Yesterday I shared a few ideas for how to customize some of the projects from my DIY archives to make a gift for your Mom.  Today I'm sharing a few crafty ideas new to you and me.

How about a cute pearl bracelet?  Click here for the simple tutorial.

Photo & project from Heodeza

If you're running short on time, this simple embroidery floss wrapped wreath looks easy to make but is stunning in its simplicity.  Try it with Mom's favorite colours.

Photo & project from Duo Fiberworks

Spring has sprung(ish) in my neck of the woods and these juicy felt coasters would be a gift as cheery as the season.

Photo & project from The Purl Bee

I love this tutorial for making a tiered cake stand because, with plastic plates, this is perfect for Mom's patio parties!

Photo & project from Backless Shirt

Rummage through family photos to select a few choice ones to turn into mini polaroid magnets.  So sweet!

Photo & project from Ambrosia Creative

If making something from scratch seems a little daunting, try a simple makeover.  For example, see how this plain ring got a little spruce. . .

Photo & project from Papernstitch

. . . or how this wood vase became more glam.

Photo & project from Joe & Cheryl

Terracotta planters and some paint are all you need to make Mom some fun vessels for herbs or colourful flowers.

Photo & project from Dellie

Baked goods are always appreciated.  Spruce up a tin for presentations points, or make a mix so Mom can whip up something tasty later (and not have to share).

Photo and recipe from Our Best Bites

So, are you all prepped and ready with something for Mom?


  1. I really love those coasters! Great ideas.

  2. the terracotta planters is so pretty. love it.

  3. Thanks, girl! We're making some teeny tiny terrariums for my step mom and I'm thinking now a few bread mixes, too!

  4. Juest wanted to tell you I spent some time going through all your diy projects. You are so talented. I've seen most of them but seeing them all together was a different story! You've inspire me to paint! :)

    1. Thanks!! Your comment means a lot to me because I consider you fantastically talented as well. You have such a knack for pairing textiles and your recent dresser makeover blew me away!

  5. Love the wreath. So simple too. The dipped wood vase as well. Great ideas, thanks!

    1. Happy to help! I'm always on the look out for simple DIYs because I like instant gratification.

  6. Great ideas Tanya, I'm definitely giving my Mum something handmade this year :)

  7. I just had to pin the planter. Just *HAD* to!


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