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June 26, 2012

Shop Talk: I'm Opening an Etsy Shop!

After much encouragement from readers, I'm finally opening up an Etsy shop with my Mom.  We will be selling our best vintage finds and favorite handmade goods.  I'm pretty excited, but also really nervous.  More details, plus a Dans le Townhouse coupon code and a fun giveaway (sponsored by yours truly) will come this week, I hope.  But first, something truly important: what to name our mascot?

We found this little planter supposedly for the shop, but when I began photographing him he made the saddest eyes at my Mom, who was looking on. I saw this (with my Mom to the left):

Awwwww.  In our silliness, we decided to keep him and make him our mascot, representative of the fact that we only sell stuff we love (and would love to keep).

So.  Names?  Our shop name starts with an "M" and is a Hungarian word + the Hungarian word for teddy bear is "maci" . . . so there's gotta be a cute name in there somewhere.



  1. How exciting -- congratulations!!

  2. That's super exciting!! Can't wait to check out the shop! Good for you guys.

    How about Marci? Seems like a cute little name and combines the M and the Maci.... just adds a letter.

  3. Oh, that's so exciting!
    I'm terrible with names but I'm sure you'll think of something absolutely lovely!

  4. Congrats! I've thought about opening a shop many times! I just need the time to do it! And I don't know why the first name that comes to mind is Louis. I'm sure you'll think of something though!

    1. Thanks! We talked about it so many times too, and finally just took the plunge. I feel like a bit more prep could have been in order, though. My Mom's house looks like a tornado went through, we've created such a mess, lol.

      Louis is a sweet name!

  5. YAY be sure to let us know when it is open so I can add you to my fav sellers list!

  6. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY on the shop! (Ok, that was probably unnecessary, but I'm excited!). I know one item that would be perfect for your shop (hint: it features Billy Buttons). As for the bear planter (adorable!) for some reason I saw "Alfie" - no idea why.

  7. So happy for you! I'll click you as a favorite shop for sure!

  8. Very excited to follow your shop as a favorite. Welcome to Etsy!


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