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July 31, 2012

My Favorite and My Best: July

Thank you, friends, for sharing your personal stories and motivational words after yesterday's post on haters.  I wasn't expecting, or hoping for, such an out pour of support (and flattery!).  Truth be told, I'd kind of been bracing myself for more hate from the naysayers I pictured lurking silently around the townhouse (the blog, not the real house, because that would just be creepy and a much bigger issue).

I stayed up late, reading every comment and appreciated the candid sharing of pain, frustration, and humour.   Your amazingly supportive comments and kind words totally caught me off guard, although I'm not sure why I was surprised because you have all, always, left me wonderful words.  But I'm a touch more sensitive now, a little less naive about blissfully blogging away.  So thanks for being so awesome.

Etsy: Stella Girl

This month, in addition to being bullied on the internet, I had some fun with blog friends and guest posted over at Brooklyn Limestone and Go Haus Go.  In addition to the Huffington Post feature (which is still kind of cool, despite then negative press), I got a little more blog love, which was so nice.

Made by Girl

It was a momentous month because I gave a makeover to a chair that Hubs has had since I met him (almost 11 years ago).  I always tried to put distance between the chair and I.  I really disliked it, but now I am absolutely smitten.  I'm always amazed by the power of paint.  And I'm also sometimes amazed at just how loooong it takes me to do some things.  Eleven years?  That's nuttiness, right?

This stool, that got a little Better After & DIY Show Off love, has only been around four or five years, but it also got a little facelift with the some sweet, dipped feet.  I used dribs and drabs of leftover paint (and the stool was a yard sale find that was hanging out in the basement), so this project was almost free!

I knocked off a couple of little, very inexpensive DIY projects, like round two of dipped wood spoons:

I also did a fun, My Take/Her Take DIY project with Gemma, from the sweetest digs.  We can't wait to do another, maybe bigger, project and share our two versions!

To keep things real around here, I also shared my DIY dip bottle fail and tried my best to get a dip-tastic song stuck in your head.

Woman's Day; Design Love Fest; Project Wedding; Whipper Berry

On the treasure hunting front, things have slowed down a bit.  I find earlier in the season has the best goodies, but I still managed to unearth a Krenit bowl and some Shmoos.  As well as a few other goodies.

Speaking of treasures, I also shared a tip for jewellery storage and launched the first post in my "New Uses for Old Things" series.

This is only month two of my monthly round up.  If you missed my June round-up, check it out here (although I only highlighted my favorite posts, but my archives, to the right, will show all the posts).

What's up for August?  Well, grouping my monthly posts this way makes me realize how much black (and pale mint) I used in projects!  Boring.  It's summer, so I am pledging more colour.  I might even make good on my colourful chair obsession . . . among some other DIY fun.

Vandongen Dingen; Matter; Anthropologie; Charlotte Love


  1. Beautiful projects! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the colourful chair department. Seeing that ombre dip puzzled my brain box this morning... how did they do that?!

    1. The vase? I think it's dipped twice. The bench? Hand painting might work.

    2. OOps! I should have specified! I meant the bench... and I agree on the painting by hand. I don't think there's a cheater way to accomplish that one. :)

    3. It's an Anthro piece so no tutorial even! You'll have to be the first and how us how!!

  2. SHMOO! lol - love your dips, even the failed ones. Those who make mistakes are those who at least tried :)

  3. Ummm, can you say over-achiever:) Man, I feel lazy all of a sudden. Beautiful work and congrats on all the features!

    1. Thanks Carol. You know, I'm starting to hate this monthly round up because it seems like so little work to me!! I always feel like I accomplished more but seeing it all in one place . . .

  4. You are so inspiring! I used to love Sum 41 back in the day and they had an album named "All Killer, No Filler." Reminded me of your blog!!!

  5. This is the perfect follow-up to yesterday's post, because it shows that the overwhelming majority of reactions to your blog are incredibly positive - just look at all the people who are loving what you do! Screw the haters and congratulations on your growing and well-deserved success :)

    1. Thanks :) I do get super sweet comments here, which is nice. Folks even like my flops, lol. I think it's just my "professionally lit" photos that are meant to fool you! Ha ha.

  6. You've accomplished so much in a month, a true role model for us :) Can't wait to learn more about you.

  7. WOW, you are on a roll. You put me to shame! And I love all your finds!


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