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July 3, 2012

My Favorite and My Best: June

Do months just whiz by for you, too?  I appreciate that some of my favorite bloggers round up their best posts each month, so I can make sure I didn't miss anything juicy.  I've been meaning to do this for ages but, like I said, the months have flown.  Better late than never: here are just a few of my favorite (and most popular) posts for June.

I finally tackled a project I'd been meaning to do forever (I'm sensing a theme): I antiqued and stenciled a poem onto an abandoned bathroom mirror from 1976.  I (secretly) gloomily thought this project would bomb - there were so many steps! - so I was pretty excited when it exceeded my expectations and now has pride of place above the mantle.  Again, better late than never, this was my way of putting my own spin on many of the suggestions you made for my mantle - although I'm not done yet!

I posted a list of some of the things I look for when thrifting & yard saling, sharing a secret storage idea in the process:

Still trying to avoid work in the basement (there has been framing and drywalling done in the laundry room!) I tackled the easiest of the DIY projects: spray painting something random.  I turned a seagull into an elegant white ceramic bird so I could "put a bird on it".  While I had the spray can out, I gave some wine bottles a lick of paint too.  So it's fitting I also attended a Spray Painter's Anonymous meeting.

I celebrated my B-day and finally made (and shared) my 30 before 30 list (not leaving myself much time)!  I never mentioned what I did on my B-day, though: I drove 1500kms with Hubs!  Yup, I was in Thunder Bay (my hometown) setting up shop with my Mom and just came home last week.  What a tricky fish, right?  Wait until you see the thrifted goodies I found for myself there, and en route.

This was me on my birthday last year, with my little cousin Camilla
You were all so helpful with my hair conundrum.  Sadly, I haven't fixed it yet (soon!) so I'm still rockin' the updos and looking mighty glamorous with my retro buns and yoga pants.  Thanks for all your help (and nice words).

I shared even a smidge more of my non-DIY life by answering a common reader question: what the heck am I researching for my PhD?

Last, but not least, I announced another overdue project: Mom & I finally opened an Etsy shop!  I'm so touched by all of the positive feedback we've received.  Thank you so much to readers who encouraged me to open a shop in the first place, or who "favorited" our shop (Minden Shop) or left a sweet comment.  And an extra big smile to those awesome gals who have already bought something!  You're really motivating us!!  If you are tempted by something in the shop, don't forget to use my coupon code (DANSLETOWNHOUSE12) to save 10%.  It's my way of saying "thanks!!!"

This month, I'm working on some furniture makeovers, forcing myself to work on the basement so I might have a reveal soon, making some jewellery from gift shop supplies, working on some new collections, and adding goodies to the shop.  And hopefully fixing my hair.  If there's time.  There's never enough time.


  1. Wow! crazy busy month for you. I agree I have no idea where my June went either! Hope you have a fabulous summer!

    1. Thanks, you too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one in a time warp here :)

  2. LOVE the poem you put up! It looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Michelle. In the original post (linked up here) I have the translation, too. It's such a beautiful Hungarian poem.

  3. Wow, you are one very busy woman. I'm feeling a bit lazy over here!! When you outline your month like that you must feel so productive.

    1. I'm pretty busy :) But when I round it up like this it somehow doesn't seem so. It's so odd. But I have to remind myself this is what I do in addition to my research and paid gig. But I still feel a bit lazy myself. Maybe we push ourselves too much?

  4. Wow....i feel you...this month has been so busy but it's nice to see all the projects you've accomplished in such a short period of time. Keep it up and keep us posted with what's to come :)


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