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August 10, 2012

Hiatus Sale!

Now you know why my Mom and I will be temporarily closing our Etsy shop on August 15th.  It has been torturous to keep buying & stockpiling vintage goodies and not be able to list them, but we wanted to keep it small scale and test the waters because we only had time to keep the shop open a few weeks.  We have had so much fun conversing with fellow collectors through Etsy and finding new homes for some of our vintage finds.
The time flew by so fast, I never even had time to arrange a giveaway!  I promise something big for when we re-open.  We'll be opening again some time in 2013 (likely spring) but some of our unsold goods won't be making it back into the shop, so if there's anything you've been ogling, now's a good time because readers (+ their friends and family) get 20% off anything and everything!  PLUS, please feel free to convo me for a personalized (and cheaper) shipping quote or combined shipping.

For readers who have already bought something, thanks so much!  Convo me through Etsy to get your special 25% off coupon code.

Coupon Code: DLT20

Indulge me while I pimp my wares (and share some of my gift/storage ideas in the meantime):

Need a unique baby shower gift?  Here's one for the new Mom (babies don't know the difference): a set of mid-century pale grey and yellow planters for a chic nursery. 

For anyone starting school in the fall, or needing an at-work pick-me-up, this hand painted, hilariously quirky vintage planter from the 1940s or 50s would be perfect to hold little office bits and bobs:

The glaze on this Hull planter is just as luminous in real life and would also do wonders to spruce up a desk area - either for plants or for pens and office goodies:

This W. Germany single service vintage coffee set would similarly be cute at your office to cheer up your at-work lunch, or for display in a retro-themed kitchen.  Heck, for this sweet price, use it for a lovely little girl to play with or to use at the dinner table as her own special set (fill the coffee pot with her favorite iced tea!)

This antique plate is 100% not going back into the shop if it doesn't sell.  I'll take it as a sign it was meant to be and hang it up on the wall.  Although . . . it's not like I don't already have a stack of art to be hung.  I will just end up greedily hoarding it because it's so unusual.

Are you thinking holiday gifts (or attire) yet? 

Looking for a sweet, sparkly purse for a New Year's Eve Party (it's sooner than you think!) or wedding?  Something with just enough room for some cash and a cell and absolutely no prohibiting of hot dance moves? 

This pretty, Austrian brooch looks festive to me, maybe perfect for a cream winter coat during the holidays?

A thoughtful hostess gift: 8 sweet, vintage dessert plates that will make any table setting a touch prettier.  Because they're clear, they will work with any existing china/dishes.  Added bonus: you're covered if you're the guest that accidentally breaks a dish (there's always someone)!

P.S. Do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph a clear plate?  These are more gorgeous in real life.

A retro Battlestar Galactica board game (new in wrapper) for your favorite geek:

Let me suggest a cute pair of Astrological salt & pepper shakers for those folks who are impossible to buy for (everyone has a sign!)

Also for that hard-to-buy-for person: a pretty, silver plated vase from W. Germany.  Perfect for a few gorgeous stems of roses.

Fill this sweet tea cup with a few handmade bags of tea (or forget tea - go for chocolate) for your favorite coworker (or teacher) so she can start drinking her break-time coffee or tea in style.  Honestly, this peach luster stuff totally brightens any dreary day because it just glows:

Who doesn't need drinking glasses?  We're constantly breaking them and would love to be gifted a chic vintage set like this one.  Our other gold set has already sold, but this one is just as glam!

This set of Pyrex bowls is pristine and more than a dozen people favorited them so if you were at all interested I'm giving you a heads up (and a sweet, 20% off discount):

This zingy, celery green Haeger planter would also stand in as a gorgeous vase and looks beautiful empty, too. 

You can click here to see what other goodies we have left.

Happy weekend!  I'm out hitting yard sales and packing this weekend, how about you?


  1. Ooooh, I'm itching to buy something because some of my favs are still in the shop!

    1. You are soon to be my best customer, lol. What are your faves?!? Let me guess! The turquoise tiled tray?

      Okay this is hard; I can't even guess what the others are . . .

  2. What a great idea! I love the earrings in your shop!!
    I was thinking of your shop the other day because I found these amazing short glasses that are smokey and have mushrooms on them (hard to explain) that are for sale at EchoDecor in Bells Corners. I didn't buy them, but since I'm still thinking about them... I think I'll go back!

    1. I have this weird relationship with mushrooms: I hate the taste but they are so adorable. I like them to look at. Echo Decor? Hmmm, might have to check it out. While you're in Bells Corners, have you been to Bella Consignment? They started carrying home decor and their turnover is quick, so there's always something new, cute and super affordable.

  3. Ohhh! I am so sad that the amber heart pendant is already on hold. I was on a spending hiatus to pay off my credit and now that I'm in the clear, my favourite piece of yours in on hold. ~sniff~

    I kinda hope Laurie changes her mind, but why would she? That necklace is so lovely.

    Good luck! I hope the shop sells out for you.

    1. Oh no!! I wish I'd known because I would have been happy to hold it for you for as long as you wanted. I'll be sure to let you know if she does change her mind.

      Maybe I'll find something equally gorgeous in Europe to list! This piece was from the estate of a Russian woman.

      Thanks for your kind words. We definitely consider our brief little foray into the world of Etsy a success (so far).


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