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October 19, 2012

DIY Felted Wool Billy Button Success Story

DIY billy button

Oh yes, time for a little eye candy.  It's been a rough week and I just want to veg, looking at fun craft projects online.  I was just about to get back to work when I spotted the cute billy buttons Carrie, from Dream DIY, made.  I love when people try my felted wool billy button tutorial.  It makes me so happy when the project turns out and it's so fun to see them styled so many different ways.  Carrie's styling is exceptionally inspirational so I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy her photos:

DIY felted wool billy button
DIY felted wool ball billy button

Look, she made a few more to style other spots in her beautiful home:

Yellow felted wool balls

Check out these posts to see more billy button success stories: Emily's, Tamsyn's and Krista's.  And if you are looking for more eye candy, take a look at Carrie's blog for fun projects and perfectly styled vignettes!

P.S.  Thanks to everyone for their input on my impeding splurge, and also for your kind words on the reveal of the teeny tiny corner of the basement.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for the shout out (and the AWESOME inspiration), Tanya!!!

    1. Happy to! Your billy buttons are perfect in your gorgeous home.

  2. Love the felt buttons but distracted by the brass & looks good!

    1. Isn't that brass bed gorgeous? I love how she paired it with the vintage inspired pastel colours, too.

  3. The eye candy is great- I really have to try the billy buttons (have to get off my duff and order some roving)

    BUT.... I was incredibly amused by the "inspirational" poster. I can't imagine myself ever doing something like this but I have fantasized about it.
    My favourite story is my brother's boss waiting in line with his wife at Walmart with bedding in a long snaking lineup with only 2 check-outs open. There's a particularly slow customer at the cash, needing a price check or counting pennies, when he looses it, colourfully expresses his frustration and drop-kicks the bed-in-a-bag across the check out. I live vicariously through that story when I have a difficult cashier encounter.

    1. You MUST make some so I can feature them! Or, just so you can enjoy them. They really are cheery.

      Haha - I wondered if anyone has felt the same way! I don't think I have ever sworn on the blog because it's just not that kind of space, but I was so darn frustrated!! I LOVE that story and if I would have seen your brother's boss doing that, I might have just died laughing. I wish I were that hilarious when I'm frustrated! Your story made my day - and gave me an idea, lol.


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