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October 1, 2012

My Favorte and My Best: September

Another month has flown by and it's time to share my favorite posts (plus revisit the ones that were a big hit with readers).

Because I don't pen a travel blog or shopping blog or sightseeing blog or stuffy "yammer on about my research" blog, it's been tricky incorporating my temporary life in Hungary into the blog.  I've been trying to balance, switching between the DIY projects and fun decor themes I love and this newer, temporary aspect of my life.  Are you curious about things I've seen and done in Hungary?? 

So far, I've shared a DIY-themed Hungarian post: my (untouched) Hungarian embroidery project . . .

. . . plus photos of my new digs:

I also shared some photos of my new "office," but that concludes the Hungarian themed posts.   

Should I share more??  If so, what?  

I'm more used to this kind of content: the makeover and then makeunder of a turquoise chair (I also shared some tips on the Liquitex Professional spray paint I used) .

On another note, I am so behind on answering reader Q's!  I hope none of you think I'm a rude blogger who doesn't care.  I love that you folks email with so many questions and I reply to every single email!!  But I am not always speedy with answering questions with a post.  My goal starting this September was to answer more and I replied to two common queries: why do I love white walls and what storage solution did we come up with for out TV?

Another special something for this month was a giveaway!  It's been awhile since I hosted a giveaway because I'm super picky - I only say yes to things I would want, and things I think you'll like.  Because I'm extra excited about working with local shops, of course I said yes to a giveaway hosted by Truly Swedish DesignClick here to enter!  And stay tuned for more DIY goodness, peppered with a little Hungarian flavor (which would be paprika)!


  1. The balance is good, but it would be interesting to hear about some of the things you've seen and done in Hungary while not working.. after all, you're only there for a few months!

    1. I'm glad to hear that won't bore your socks off! I've been worried about sharing trip photos and scaring everyone away. I'll work on a post soon with some of the beauty, sightseeing and shopping I've done here!!


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