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November 27, 2012

Black and White and Red All Over?

Top and bottom left photos mine, black & red embroidery from here, placemats from here, red and white felt from here.

Maybe I'm wrong (Hungarians, chime in) but it seems that red and black, or red and white, are very traditional, "Hungarian" colour pairings.  I've never been into red, black and white but you know how even if you might not like something, sometimes if you see it enough times, you kind of get on board?  Well, after seeing red, black and white in the Museum of Ethnography and in Hungarian crafts and art (traditional and contemporary), I'm starting to think there's some potential in the colour palette . . .
Desire to Inspire

Fresh Home

Centro Architecture


All House Design


Go Yovo


I'm liking all of these red, black and white spaces.  I think the key is lots of neutrals, like a healthy heaping of white (mmmm, you know I love white), with black and white accents used sparingly, or for a focal point.  Clean, contemporary lines keep the look from being too gothic. 

Yup, seems like I'm sold!  Are there any colour palettes you never thought you'd like, but now do?  Or am just exceptionally susceptible to peer pressure?


  1. I love black and white.. but red is not a color I'm drawn to. Except maybe in that last photo with the RH light fixture. Hmmm. Never say never!

    1. Ha ha! So true :) I'm not a red person either, but here I am, mooning over red, black and white rooms!

  2. My studio is mostly black and white, with little pops of red and bright yellow. It's also the only room in my house that is white - and it's going to stay white after the renovation :)

    1. Oooo, I didn't know you were into black, white and red (+ yellow)!! White room - you're after my heart!

  3. Lots of inspiration in this post! Oooh, so pretty! I'm always drawn to the mostly white backgrounds.

    1. Haha, me too!! I love, love, love white walls with some pop of colour.

  4. I love that first room with the wall of black and white photos.

    1. I like it too! Especially because the TV is disguised so cleverly and none of the red accents are permanent. A turquoise throw and pink pillows and it's a totally different room. Flexibility like that makes my wallet happy too :)

  5. I adore red and the punch it gives to a neutral room.
    It really only takes a small bit to make a big impact
    I really love it even more in my clothing now that I went back to dark hair ;)
    You are so teasing me with those wonderful ponchos, lol

    My favorite pic here is the little room of twin beds. So cute!
    I think red is so great for little ones rooms. I hope to put twin beds in my sons room one day. I have the perfect vintage twin red bedspreads I am dying to use.

    1. Oh gosh, that's right - you liked the poncho in my other post. Sorry for being so cruel. I like them too, I guess, because they are on my brain! Vintage red bedspreads? I think I am liking them already. I admire your patience. I'd be wanting to use something I love right away!


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