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November 16, 2012

Blogiversary Embarassment

It's November 16th and that means I've been sharing my DIY feats and failures (plus sources of inspiration) for two years!  Last year I held a fun giveaway, but I'm so far flung on the globe right now that doing a giveaway would be a bit complicated.  I promise two giveaways in 2013 when we re-open our Minden Vintage shop and launch a NEW etsy shop as well (wonder what I'll be selling) . . .

Last year I listed a few blogging successes before the giveaway, but now that I have a press page that's old news (although I am still pretty jazzed I have another DIY project featured in a magazine).  I thought what might be more fun is to share 5 cringe worthy posts from my early blogging days!!

An elementary school teacher, probably quoting someone famous, said to never compare yourself to anyone but yourself, in the past, to see if you're better than you were.  That's the only comparison that really means anything, he said.  Since childhood I've tried to make this my mantra, which has been hard for a Type A gal like me who needs to be the best at everything.  But the older I get, the more I appreciate the wisdom in that saying (seriously, is it super famous and I'm still attributing it to a grade school teacher?).

So let's see how my current posts stack up to the early ones, shall we? (Note, some of my early posts are a bit grainy because I changed the width of the blog in 2011, so some old photos got a bit stretched).

1.  Clearly an amateur at everything

Back when few people stopped by the townhouse, let alone commented, I posted a few photos of Hubs and I (as young'uns) painting my 92 Dodge Colt lime green.  Although I'm still pretty proud of painting my car (but note we didn't do a good enough job to provide any more of a tutorial than this), I can't decide which is more embarassing: the way I "digitized" my old photos or the painting outfits I shared with the world . . .

P.S. In the late 1980s and early 1990s they were, literally, giving away these sweet little grocery-getters in Hungary (I found these ads in the magazine I'm studying):

Maybe I haven't changed much at all - still snapping photos of other photos . . .

2.  The stories that went no where

When few people were reading along, I didn't really feel the motivational power of blogging.  Now blogging often (but not always) gets my rear in gear so I finish projects, because you're waiting for pics!  But back in the day, some of my plans just fizzled, like this bench I bought for the bedroom but stashed in the basement instead.  You'll see it again in 2013 - maybe - when we finally get to our laundry reno!  But shame on me for just letting this fizzle (and using blurry seller photos from kijiji to boot).

3.  And why are you telling us this?

It took me a while to find my blog legs and find a happy balance between home stuff, DIY projects and a little randomness every once and awhile.  But in the early days I went a little blog nutty and seemed to make note of everything. freaking. thing. that caught my eye, like this pup lovin' on the china.  The only thing I didn't make note of was the source of the photo (bad blogger!).

4.  Only the worst tutorial ever

I eventually learned a tutorial needs good instructions and/or good photos - although sometimes I still get so wrapped up the project, I don't always take gorgeous "process" shots.  Sometimes a project is so simple, a few words and some pretty pics will do.  Other times, some in depth "how-to" photos are required and then I think the procedure outshines the surroundings (hello dirty garage photos).  Without one or the other (ideally both), even a neat idea goes over like a lead balloon.

Did you ever read how I described painting Hubby's sentimental microwave (see how much I love the guy)?  The project really refreshed a perfectly functioning piece, plus it was free because I used leftover supplies.  Microwaves get so beat up during moves and they aren't always cheap, so I loved the idea.  Imagine a fun colour for a funky kitchen or maybe chalkboard paint - even just temporarily, as you save for a new one?  But look at my lame post!  I didn't crop the "before" photo (didn't know how) and didn't style the "after" at all (I was going for sad realism with my three tomatoes and ridiculous number of dented oranges).
5.  A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I was super excited when Apartment Therapy posted my query to readers, asking for help picking bedding for the bedroom spruce (see the "after" in the townhouse tour).  But the post I wrote to say "hey, thanks" was 100% photo-less!!  Isn't that a crime in blogland?  Good grief.  Now I post a bajillion photos (too many?) and try to write posts that, save for some anomalies (ahem, this post), you could skip, or at least skim, the text because, hey, I know you're busy!

Well, there you have five really sad posts from my early days, but, truly, there is a bevvy of doozies in the archives.  It's fun to look back and see how much I've learned about blogging, coding, writing and taking/editing photos, and to think about the exciting things the next year of blogging holds!  Closer to the year end, I'll be rounding up my favorite posts of the year, with a post dedicated to just the DIYs and another one for the random goodness.

I'm looking forward to continuing to improve my blogging habits in my third year of blogging, and wanted to say thanks for sticking around!  I really appreciate the friendships I have made through the blog and always look forward to your comments and emails.  You folks always brighten my day!


  1. Hahahahahahaha.... sorry, that photo of the dog making out with the china cracks me up. And I still can't believe you painted a car. This is a great post - I agree with your teacher that the only person you can compare yourself too is yourself (also impossible for your Type A friend right here). I was actually JUST thinking this yesterday as I'm starting to decorate my newly renovated press room and I'm seriously worried I haven't improved my taste any over the years.

    1. Maybe you already have fantastic, amazing taste?? Maybe you haven't had the awkward phases some of us have had.

    2. Oh, t - you're sweet, but no. My guest room looks like a jungle.

      PS - I saw a Danish Modern dining set - solid teak with 6 chairs for only $350. Matching sideboard for $250. Texted the hubs, and he said if I returned the brand new rug that came while I was out shopping, then I could get the table. Dang.

    3. That sounds like such a good price!!! Too bad about the timing on the delivery of the rug . . .

  2. Congrats again and thanks for sharing these moments - a great start to my Friday :)

    1. Happy to make your day!! It's fun to poke fun at ourselves every once in awhile.

  3. LOL those were pretty funny, but also remind me of myself sometimes!! happy blogiversary to you and excited for what 2013 brings from you! :)

    1. Thanks so much! But I don't think you've made some of my blunders, lol!

  4. I love the picture of you painting your Colt. That really took guts. The painting, not the picture. I have really been enjoying the little tidbits you've shared about your life in Hungary.
    Happy Blogiversary! Here's to many more crafty years.

    1. Thanks so much!! I have no idea what possessed me to paint a car, I really don't. It was 100% my idea and no one I knew had ever done it. I wish I was still as brave . . .

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I still can't believe it has been two years. Does blogging make time speed up somehow??


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