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November 1, 2012

My Favorite and My Best: October

From DIY projects to a little Hungarian history and eye candy, October was packed!  Here's a look back at my favorite and most popular posts, in no particular order.

My Mom and I went to a Budapest artisan fair, WAMP, where Mom found a great piece of art and I found the perfect, handmade leather cell phone case.  I spent much of the day thinking, "this is so great, why didn't I think of this???"  There was definitely a lot of creative energy to be soaked up, so I shared a little inspiration with you too.

Jetting back to the townhouse for a moment, although the basement still has a ton of on-the-go projects I left mid-way, I was able to show the budget transformation in one small corner (plus how we removed the wallpaper and, begrudgingly, gave the wall a textured finish).  In 2013, I'll have a whole basement reveal, plus a laundry room makeover.  

Like some of the art on my gallery wall?  I shared a how-to for one DIY piece!

Then we ogled this sweet space.

Speaking of ogling, I was feeling a little under the weather, so I rounded up some gorgeously airy, toss-yourself-in bedrooms I wished I could crawl into.  Check out the original post for more photos and sources.

Right before I left for Budapest, with Hubby's help (he's so adorable) I had turned a broken brooch, that I picked up for 25 cents at a yard sale, into this pretty necklace.  It's so perfect for fall, I wish I had packed it!

Keeping with the "stuff I bought at yard sales for pennies" theme, I showed you how I re-purposed a toast stand into a letter holder in the hopes of never again losing a bill in a pile of desk clutter.

To celebrate the anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, I shared (too many, I'm sure) photos of beautiful Budapest.  Thanks to everyone for their kind words.  So many of you were also super flattering and left comments or emailed me, suggesting I sell prints of my photos.  For now, I'm planning a post on how to take arty trip photos (and edit them to look even better) and I'm thinking of hosting a made-by-Tanya art giveaway sometime.  If I decide to sell photo prints or original paintings, I promise to tell you first, but for now I like the idea of just showing you how!

Proof positive of my love for sharing tutorials: I shared another billy button success story!  Hearing that folks have tried my tutorial makes me grin like a maniac the whole day.  Is it weird I'm happier sharing the tutorial and seeing you make them, than I would be selling them myself?  The original post has more photos and links to other success stories too (they all turn out so cute!).

A hobby for the month, we took in more of Budapest Design Week (which is actually still going on), Kreatim and Nemurimuri, in addition to an Art Deco museum exhibit.  We pondered some art and bought a DIY themed tote bag!

I bought a small print, some mystery art (and am deciding which of Borbala's designs to buy), so the townhouse walls will need to make room again..  Some art in the townhouse did some traveling not too long ago when I finally had a print framed and shuffled a watercolour around to make space

I asked for your help custom designing a set of traditional, hand cut felt Hungarian pillows.  After a few dismal souvenir selections, I didn't think I could make a good decision alone.  I am still  waffling (I honestly spent less time deciding to buy our house) but will make a decision . . . soon.

With Halloween on it's way, I showed off my only slightly spooky, slightly sparkly, mostly long overdue Halloween wreath.  And on Halloween I gave you a glimpse of what I'd look like green.

For some more eye candy and DIY/art inspiration, a look at the Slow Design exhibit and Fiskar's Village sampling.  Who is in favor of painting all of our doors different colours?

Last but not least, I hosted a fun giveaway for a KitchenAid stand mixer!  To say "thanks" for reading along, chiming in and just being so fun.   

For a full list of posts, take a peek at the archives to the right.  Stay tuned this month for more DIY art, collections on display, a DIY jewellery display plus a jewellery exhibit, Hungarian eye candy, treasure hunting, and more shenanigans!


  1. Tanya, I want to thank you for being such a gracious blogger.
    I've only been following design blogs for a couple of years and subscribe to 10 or so but I love to get my fix in the morning. I understand how much work must go into blogging but when a blogger skips several days, I start to twitch- damn bloggers having a life! ; )
    I have read all the usual suspects and some have made my daily '10' and some I've dropped but yours is my favourite. Yes, your design taste is aligned with mine but you are the most interactive with your readers and your comments are genuine. Your blog feels more personal than others, not as though we're just watching it. It's like the difference between watching tv and reading a book, I feel more invested here.
    I look forward to reading your post each day (and save it for last). I don't know how you manage to blog and do your research but look how packed your 'favourite & best" is for the month.
    Taking the time to blog and post each day while your working and to sincerely reply to each comment is impressive.
    Thanks for such a lovely blog- I hope it gives you as much satisfaction as it does your readers.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. What you wrote really means a lot to me and has come at a time when I really needed such a thoughtful comment. It was very encouraging to hear that you enjoy reading the blog and look forward to it each day. Connecting with people interested in the same design aesthetic and DIY projects as me is why I started blogging. I love reading comments because, to me, it's a friend chiming in and so of course I want to reply and start a conversation. I especially look forward to your comments because you always have such great stories and a unique perspective. Plus I've gathered we have similar taste :) I feel like I have gotten to know you too and always look forward to learning more.

      I don't think I can really express what an impact your words have had on me. Thank you so much :)

  2. wow, I still have morning brain....

    sorry, grammar error..... that should have been "while you're working"

    1. Haha! For a student, I am horribly bad with typos so I didn't even catch that!

  3. I have to agree with cred, your blog is simply the best.

    1. I am so pleased you can say that, having read all the way from the horrible beginning, lol. But thank you so much. It's so nice to hear that people enjoy reading it. It motivates me to keep at it!


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