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November 22, 2012

New Uses for Old Things: Clip Earrings Reborn

I hope you folks have been enjoying my "new uses for old things" ideas, because I'm kind of obsessed with the concept.  I like the idea of living in a world that's less disposable.  Plus, I'm cheap and sometimes hate to buy things (mostly the kinds of things I "need," I can be awfully enthusiastic about buying the things I don't).  So far, I've used a glass serving tray as a jewellery organizer and a toast stand as an office desk organizer, which both saved some coin in the home organizing department (yay!), but today's idea is more decadent: let's talk accessories!

For our wedding, I clipped a pair of vintage Sherman rhinestone clip earrings into my DIY updo and now I think any pair of clips looks fabulous in hair.

Am I nutty?  Clip earring are painful and the world is overrun with them.  I've seen people make clip-earring magnets, but some are so pretty, they beg to be worn some more.  Just not in a pinchy-remove-before-using-the-phone kinda way.

I rocked a retro pair (that were in our Etsy Shop) in my hair, while "modelling" them for the listing.

Then, while snapping photos for another etsy listing, I loved the look of the Kalevala Koru clip earrings in my hair so much they never made it into the shop.  But you can't hate me because updos really became my "thing" when my hair was looking horrible.  It's since been fixed, but I still love a messy bun.

The only challenge is finding the time to accessorize.  By the time I am finally ready to leave the house (inevitably, I leave the showering and hair blow drying to the last. possible. second.) I'm late and my "why I'm late" excuses work better if I'm not perfectly coiffed and accessorized to the nines.  But, clipping these in is pretty easy: even with my fine hair, I didn't need any bobby pins to secure any of these clips - although you could add one.

Another fun use is clipping them onto a pair of plain shoes, spotted on le zoe musings:



  1. Very cute! I'm so stealing some of my mom's this weekend!

    1. Aren't we lucky our Moms all seem to have a stash, lol?

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you think so! My Dad (who is not the kind of Dad into baubles and hair things, lol) was actually really into this idea! We bonded over a shared interest in reusing things that people no longer love.


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