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November 30, 2012

November is Done! Did We Have Fun?

I just came back from the airport.  Mom is Canada-bound and our the apartment feels extra empty.  She's been here with me from the start of my research stay and I'm so happy to have had the company (plus the help translating some stuff).  I am so lucky to have a Mom who is fun and funny and interested in the same things as me.  We get along so well, which I know is a real gift.  I'm trying not to be sad she's gone and focusing instead on being happy we had this time.  It's not often a married gal gets a chance to live with her Mom again, so they can share some European adventures (back in Canada, we live 1600 km apart)!  I feel very privileged.  But still a little sad (I can't help it).

Because today I'm thinking a lot about our last three months and the good times we had, I might as well round up what happened on Dans le Townhouse in November.  I've re-named this monthly round-up.  Although I fancy myself a creative type, naming things is definitely not my strong suit.  My MA thesis had the longest, least imaginative title and I'm not into naming my furniture or other inanimate objects either - save for Charlie, who was named Charlie after a long line of other automotive Charlies, Blinky (my laptop) and Printy (my printer).  See?  Not very imaginative.  Plus Blinky and Printy are normally just referred to by their nicknames: "that %$#&ing thing".

So . . . November is Done.  Did We Have Fun?  Although my bra doesn't seem to think so, I do!  Let's look back. 

Thanks so much for your lovely comments and emails about my Ottawa at Home DIY feature!  It was on my 30 before 30 list to have another DIY project in a magazine and it felt like such an accomplishment to check something else of my (slowly moving, perhaps overly ambitious) list.

I've been doling out some DIYs I tackled pre-trip, so I can get a taste of home each month.  I was really excited to finally share the makeover my triangle painting got.  If at first you don't succeed . . . paint over it!

Speaking of art, another reader tried my black & white painting tutorial and I think I like hers more!  I love how different but similar it looks.

Not just for canvases, a little acrylic paint on blank note cards made for some arty cards.

After a pretty sad DIY fail, I shared my DIY redemptionSuch a simple project, but it's the principle of the thing.  Plus, what a perfect chance to ogle my growing silhouette collection and my still-much-loved DIY magnetic board.

I also shared some sweet inspiration, imported from Budapest.  If you missed it, click here for an overload of eye candy, courtesy of the Budapest Christmas Fair. 

I also shared some photos of our visit to what has to be the prettiest gem of a gallery ever.

Being in Hungary for months now (have I mentioned this is visit number three for me?), I'm starting to see things how Hungarians do.  For example, black, red and white (a traditional Hungarian palette) is strangely looking good to me!  I rounded up some gorgeous spaces to fuel my interest.  (Don't forget to take a peek at the original post for the image sources). 

I have tried to keep posts about Budapest to a DIY/home design/artful eye candy/inspiration theme but every now and then, I shared something a little random, like our fun-filled day of chill (and cats) at Aquincum . . .

. . . or my new digs, in a former Castle!

Even with my gorgeous surroundings, I still dream of home.  It was fun to show you the new display case a childhood rock collection got.  Lucky Hubby has been admiring this new desk accessory for months!

We will miss New Year's this year (literally, with our travel and time changes).  Do you have plans yet?  A dress?  Accessories?  Why not clip a pair of sparkly clip earrings in your updo?  Even unloved clip earrings need some love during the holidays (fellas, sorry that post was so girly).

It will be such a funny feeling to go home in a month, but I am already cooking up some ideas - although it means some de-cluttering.  We chatted about getting rid of things, and you folks were no help - telling me to keep the armoire I finally convinced myself to sell!  :)  Good thing I didn't ask you beforehand if I should sell the glass salad tongs to the lovely boyfriend replacing his girlfriend's shattered (and deeply sentimental) set.  I did (and you can read the full story here)!  Such a weird blog happening, but it made the world feel small and friendly.

Because time and looking back is on my mind today, let's also feel weird about the fact that I celebrated my two year blogging anniversary!!  I hope you enjoyed my look back at some hilariously bad posts.

And that's another month, gone whoosh!  It's always fun to chat with you folks, and share my DIY (and sometimes non-DIY) adventures with you.  I'm looking forward to December, when I share the last of the DIY projects I have been hoarding and get a little sentimental.   


  1. I'm still laughing about the bra post...

    1. Haha, me too. I keep waiting for more communication from my bra on the state of the world, but nada.

  2. The DIY painting with black, white, pink and blue is beyond cool. I must try this one day, too!!!

    1. Thanks!! I promise it was really easy - and actually a lot of fun! If you click to the original post, you can see some photos as it progressed (I painted over another painting).


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