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November 5, 2012

An Easy DIY Abstract in Muted Colors - Tutorial with Step by Step Photos

By now, you know I love painting.  I find it relaxing and it's a fabulous creative outlet for me, even if I am occasionally unhappy with the results.  Plus, with our small budget, right now I can't afford the giant paintings that make me happy, so creating my own art is a way to help make colourful canvases accessible.  To help you create your own piece of DIY "art," I have created quite a few DIY art tutorials, which you can see in my DIY Project Gallery

A lot of readers write in or comment, telling me they would love to try their hand at creating a painting for their space, but are worried about making a mistake or hating the result.  I always say: "just try it!"  Acrylic paint is wonderfully forgiving and painting over another painting can add depth and dimension.  I'm no stranger to a "round two" when it comes to DIY paintings.  So relax, enjoy the process and, if you really don't like, paint over it!  In this post you can see how I made over a painting I didn't like.

Remember the triangle painting I shamelessly copied?  It no longer looks the same!  Catch the step by step photos I took while I turned this disappointing art into a pretty abstract I like much better:

What to do if you don't like a painting
Step by step DIY abstract art tutorial
How to make your own art
Easy art tutorial

Don't be afraid to flip your finished painting upside down or sideways once it's done:

Art projects you can do with the kids
Step by step photos of DIY art

A pretty painting is doable, I promise.


  1. I had a geometric painting and I did the same thing and painted over it! I love the abstract look so much more.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

    1. Really? Great minds think alike! I think the geometric look needs to be super perfect to look good. I fare much better with something a bit "looser".

  2. I actually quite liked the original one but again I always play safe. The change is more free-spirited so it makes sense for an abstract geometric. Great job!

    1. Awww, thanks so much.

      I think I would have loved the original one if mine hadn't turned out so wonky! The piece I copied was great, but mine had a few mistakes. I might try the more structured, geometric thing again but this time try to take my time so it's a little more orderly!


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