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December 27, 2012

Canadians, Do You Want Me Back?

My readership has grown quite a bit while I've been in Budapest.  I'm so happy you loved a little virtual sightseeing mixed in with the usual DIY goodness, but I'm coming home in a few days.  Will you still stop by Dans le Townhouse when I'm actually back in the townhouse?
Sure you will!  I've got plans, Stan!  Some really fun (and easy) DIY projects are on the horizon.  But I'll also be chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool, getting re-acquainted with my Canadian life.

In four months, I have not:
  • gone to a movie
  • watched television
  • had a phone conversation
  • slept on a mattress
  • seen my employer
  • used a clothes dryer
  • paid a bill online
  • gone a week without getting grief from a stranger
  • taken any guff (looking at you, Parliament security guard.  I sure told you what's what)
  • shoveled snow
  • missed centipedes
  • listened to the radio
  • spent a day without speaking some Hungarian
  • baked anything
  • driven a car
  • had much variety in my wardrobe
  • used a dishwasher (or microwave)
  • bought in bulk
  • seen my Canadian family or friends (except Mom and Hubby!)
  • re-organized a cupboard or drawer
  • taken a bath (this needs clarification: I've showered)
  • worn high heels
  • had any drama in my life
  • hosted a dinner party
  • been able to put impoverished people out of my mind
  • put paint to canvas
  • sat in a truly comfortable chair
  • read a home decor magazine
  • seen a cat (where are all the cats?)   
  • UPDATE: Amy reminded me about the drooling stray I snuggled.  Budapest, though, has been weirdly cat-free!
  • made a purchase without converting the amount to CAD in my head
  • used a treadmill
  • gone a day without walking 

This list could go on forever.  My whole life has been different in Budapest, from the minutiae to the grand scale.  I feel a bit nervous going home, is that weird?

In addition to some chillaxin', I am planning to make my return home as life changing as being here has been.

For one thing, I've promised myself that I have to slow down and appreciate home more.  Here, even en route to do work, I marveled at the architecture, the history, the beauty . . . the differentness.  I don't marvel enough at home, even though I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  From now on, if you see me in the streets, I'll be marveling.  In fact, after a blip in my confidence (okay, it was shaken and stirred), I feel good. These four months have ultimately made me feel more capable.  Right now, I feel so full of vim and vigor, I am convinced I can do anything if I just put my mind to it.  I am hoping this confidence doesn't subside.  

I never know when sneaky, unexpected feelings will hit me.

To help with the accomplishing of fantastical goals, I am also planning on concocting a good, productive routine.  I used to hate routine.  I love working from home because of the freedom.  Thrifting at 2:00pm?  Yay.  Impromptu beach or snowboarding day?  Let me just get the SPF.  But then it's working until midnight for a few days to catch up.  I still don't love the idea of a routine, but I had to have more structure in Budapest and realized it kept me more motivated to stay on task.  Look at me, I got stuff done!  So I'm going to construct a better balance between the giddy liberation I love and the fact that there are things that need doing in a timely manner.  Preferably before the vampires come out. 



  1. Glad to see your coming home! You know we'll be here!

    1. Yay! I am happy to have more time to check in more regularly on my favorite blogs, too!!

  2. Oh I am sure that you will be happy to get to your own home and that everyone will follow you back home. Your posts are delightful and informative.
    I am with ya on slowing down and realizing how wonderful life is around us.
    I am really bad at doing that.
    It is so funny how much my day sounds like your day. No structure and just off to do what I want. Now with a special needs child I am finding structure is where it is at. It makes life mundane at times but it is really keeping to a routine that works best.
    I do have to say I am questioning your seen a cat...didn't you see a cat in the park and pet it with your mom there? LOL Cause I thought wow you are brave to pet and cuddle with a stray cat ;)
    So I am sure you will continue to be brave and show your strength when you return home. It is pretty darn brave to be in a foreign country for 4 months being outside of your comfort zone. I am sure it has changed you and made you a stronger woman! ROAR!!!

    1. Awww, thanks! I was just kidding. But I'm so happy folks thought my little deviation now and then was fun to read. I try really hard to keep things interesting and I might tip the balance a bit when I'm home so it's not all project focused, but life focused more.

      Oh frig! I forgot about that cat because it wasn't in Budapest, lol!! It was out in Aquincum. Hubby had suggested I add it to my list and I was like, "oh yeah, no cats, you're right". Because I have not seen a SINGLE stray in Budapest, which is weird to me. I will fix. You have a GOOD memory, Amy. Can I borrow some of this sharpness?

    2. lol Tanya, I don't have much memory to give. I of course can remember the non-essential stuff ;) But cats are a huge part of my everyday and I can't imagine a place without them.
      So strange!

    3. Shucks, because my memory is selectively terrible. I too only remember the non-essentials. Lyrics to Spice Girls songs (when I never even owned a SG Cd)? SURE! Names of important philosophers I should know? Blank stare.

      I so wish I could have cats but my allergies!! I can snuggle for about 15 minutes because getting itchy. After meeting the Aquincum fella, I did wipe any visible skin down with a wet nap when the itching started . . . So jealous of folks with kitties in their lives.

  3. Yay! Can't wait to have you back in the same hemisphere.

    1. Same time zone will be super nice. No more delay on emails, lol!

  4. I feel like that flew by! We are happy to have you back on Canadian soil soon! Enjoy your last few days :)

    1. I felt like it flew by too! Did time go by this fast in Canada as well? You will have to get me up to date on what's news in Ottawa ;) Any new home decor shops? Good sales?

  5. Welcome back Tanya! I've been keeping up with your travels and it sounds like you've had an amazing trip. Hopefully you'll readjust quickly! I think creating a routine will help you get back into the swing of things... that being said, I'm terrible at sticking to routines and schedules! Have a happy new year!!

    1. Glad to hear you're also routine resistant :D They are a necessary evil but you're right - a routine will help me feel at home.


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