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December 28, 2012

December is (Almost) Done. Did We Have Fun?

Pretty soon it will be December 31st.  I'll be back home.  A new year will start.  We'll all be super bewildered, asking ourselves and each other: where did the time go?  At least I know where some of my time went, this month anyway.

The most important to me: I wished my Mom a virtual Happy Birthday (with a carefully curated collection of eye candy, just for her)!

Even though I was blue Mom left, I wasn't alone for long!  After sharing our respective views on the time apart (here's my take and here's Hubby's take), Hubby came to Budapest!  I tried my best to show him sights other than craft stores and flea markets, and in the new year I'll post a list of all of my favorite spots.

Hubby was here just in time for our fourth wedding anniversary!!  I commemorated it with part II of the bad wife list that made you all laugh last year.  No worries, part III is already being drafted (the ceramic painting was fun and my friend and I spoke in Hungarian the whole time.  Sorry Hubs, I honestly forget it makes no sense).

I am going through some serious DIY withdrawal.  Although I am now officially hooked on embroidery, it is repetitive and, once designed, doesn't quell my craving for dreaming up ideas.  But I am happy to have had this project and, as I shared, it really progressed in December (colder days = sure I'll curl up and embroider).  Since the post, I've wrapped up the half finished side you see here AND one half of the remaining side and am thisclose to finishing for my deadline!  All of a sudden I want so badly to finish it while actually in Hungary.

To help keep me in the DIY spirit in Budapest, I sandbagged quite a few projects, doling them out over the last few months.  Evil, I know, but I liked blogging about pieces of my home life.  It helped me feel connected and sane.  This month, I shared my jewellery display built from scratch for a friend.

I also showed you my experiments in spray paint finishes (and a long overdue makeover).

Speaking of lose ends, in case the apocalypse was imminent (and hanging a heavy mirror on a brick fireplace became a priority in your post-apocalyptic world), I finally, finally, spelled out how we hung the stenciled mirror.

With no more secret DIY projects up my sleeves (or are there?), I started lusting for a new project.  A second round at a garage makeoverPeppermint wreathsFelted wool anything?  Yes, yes, and yes.

Situated in beautiful Budapest, with it's light dusting of snow and delicious, deliciousness, I deviated a bit from DIY projects and shots of Budapest, to finally chat about why I don't celebrate Christmas.  Your insightful, receptive and honest comments were the best gift.



  1. i just love that embroidery piece. The color is so great!
    I wish I had more patience and better eyesight to focus on little needle stitches.
    Have a safe flight back home!!

    1. Abstract embroidery might be the ticket! Because the stitches are little, but a less fussy pattern might be fun. Or something wearable, where the pattern wouldn't be so flat and open to critique.

      Thanks so much, I am getting really nervous about the trip home. Worried about losing a suitcase and my new treasures, missing my flight, having to rejoin the world . . .

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and welcome back, wishing you and yours a happy New year, looking forward to many new posts in 2013.


    Margo on Vancouver island

    1. Thanks for your kind words Margo! Happy New Year to you as well :)

  3. I am sure all will be fine!
    I have always been a very nervous flier but my last journey home it was so peaceful and easy cause I just didn't worry. I let everything go and thought I can't control it so just go with it. And it was my best flights EVER!!
    Good Luck!

    1. Thanks!! So far, everything had made it safe and sound (and yes, that means I am STILL not totally unpacked). So much for my mojo. I got a cold!

  4. ohhh the design you are embroidering is gorgeous. my grandma lorraine used to embroider and it was always so pretty.

    Happy New year girl!!

    1. Thanks! I actually finished it on schedule and will post an "after" soon. Did your grandma teach you? I promise it's not too difficult! And looks super sweet and modern framed.

      Happy new year to you too! Hope it was a blast :)

  5. Replies
    1. Haha, aren't they sweet??? Felt should be the official textile of snowy winters.


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